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  • MicroRNA and transcriptome analysis in periocular Sebaceous Gland Carcinoma. 

    Bladen, JC; Wang, J; Sangaralingam, A; Moosajee, M; Fitchett, C; Chelala, C; Beaconsfield, M; O'Toole, EA; Philpott, MP; Ezra, DG (Springer Nature, 2018-05-14)
    Sebaceous gland carcinoma (SGC) is a rare, but life-threatening condition with a predilection for the periocular region. Eyelid SGC can be broadly categorised into two subtypes, namely either nodular or pagetoid with the ...
  • The evolutionary landscape of colorectal tumorigenesis. 

    Cross, W; Kovac, M; Mustonen, V; Temko, D; Davis, H; Baker, A-M; Biswas, S; Arnold, R; Chegwidden, L; Gatenbee, C;... (Springer Nature, 2018-08-31)
    The evolutionary events that cause colorectal adenomas (benign) to progress to carcinomas (malignant) remain largely undetermined. Using multi-region genome and exome sequencing of 24 benign and malignant colorectal tumours, ...
  • Epitope Recognition of Peptide-imprinted Polymers for Regenerating Protein 1 (REG1) 

    lee, MH; Thomas, JL; Liao, CL; Jurcevic, S; Crnogorac-Jurcevic, T; Lin, H-Y (Elsevier, 2017-10-12)
    Molecularly imprinted polymers (MIPs) were developed to replace natural antibodies with a cost-effective anddurable synthetic material. Molecular imprinting of proteins conventionally utilizes the whole protein as thetemplate, ...
  • SUMOylation is required for optimal TRAF3 signaling capacity. 

    Miliara, S; Gkouskou, KK; Sharp, TV; Eliopoulos, AG (Public Library of Science, 2013-11-18)
    TNF receptor-associated factors (TRAFs) are multifunctional adaptor proteins involved in temporal and spatial coordination of signals necessary for normal immune function. Here, we report that TRAF3, a TRAF family member ...
  • Switchable CAR-T cells mediate remission in metastatic pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma. 

    Raj, D; Yang, M-H; Rodgers, D; Hampton, EN; Begum, J; Mustafa, A; Lorizio, D; Garces, I; Propper, D; Kench, JG;... (BMJ Publishing Group, 2018-08-18)
    OBJECTIVE: Pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC) is a disease of unmet medical need. While immunotherapy with chimeric antigen receptor T (CAR-T) cells has shown much promise in haematological malignancies, their efficacy ...
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