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  • Structure and conductivity in iron-doped Bi<inf>26</inf>Mo<inf>10</inf>O<inf>69-δ</inf> 

    Mikhaylovskaya, ZA; Petrova, SA; Abrahams, I; Buyanova, ES; Morozova, MV; Kellerman, DG (Springer, 2018-05)
    A series of complex oxides of general formula Bi26Mo10-2xFe2xO69-3xwas synthesized and studied. The solid solution formation ranges and polymorphic modification limits were determined. SEM investigations and chemical ...
  • Reconfigurable Carbon Nanotube Multiplexed Sensing Devices. 

    Xu, X; Clément, P; Eklöf-Österberg, J; Kelley-Loughnane, N; Moth-Poulsen, K; Chávez, JL; Palma, M (American Chemical Society, 2018-06)
    Here we report on the fabrication of reconfigurable and solution processable nanoscale biosensors with multisensing capability, based on single-walled carbon nanotubes (SWCNTs). Distinct DNA-wrapped (hence water-soluble) ...
  • Powerful amorphous mixed metal catalyst for efficient water-oxidation 

    Merle, G; Abrahams, I; Barralet, J (Elsevier, 2018-06)
    One of the greatest challenges of our era is the splitting of water in a cheap and effective way to produce an abundance of clean hydrogen fuel in order to sustain current levels of energy consumption. Today, Oxygen Evolution ...
  • The Evolutionary History of Dogs in the Americas 

    FRANTZ, LAF (American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2018-07)
    Dogs were present in the Americas before the arrival of European colonists, but the origin and fate of these precontact dogs are largely unknown. We sequenced 71 mitochondrial and 7 nuclear genomes from ancient North ...
  • Vibrational coherence transfer in the intersystem crossing of a di-platinum complex in solution 

    VLCEK, A (PNAS, 2018-06)
    We investigate the ultrafast transient absorption response of tetrakis(μ-pyrophosphito)diplatinate(II), [Pt2(μ-P2O5H2)4]4− [hereafter abbreviated Pt(pop)], in acetonitrile upon excitation of its lowest singlet 1A2u state. ...
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