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  • The Bouchaud-Anderson model with double-exponential potential 

    Muirhead, S; Pymar, R; Soares dos Santos, R (Institute of Mathematical Statistics, 2018)
    The Bouchaud-Anderson model (BAM) is a generalisation of the parabolic Anderson model (PAM) in which the driving simple random walk is replaced by a random walk in an inhomogeneous trapping landscape; the BAM reduces to ...
  • Stability for Erdos-Ko-Rado type theorems, via isoperimetry 

    ELLIS, DC; Keller, N; Lifshitz, N (European Mathematical Society, 2018)
    Erd˝os-Ko-Rado (EKR) type theorems yield upper bounds on the sizes of families of sets, subject to various intersection requirements on the sets in the family. Stability versions of such theorems assert that if the size ...
  • Rigidity of linearly-constrained frameworks 

    JACKSON, W; Cruickshank, J; GULER, H; Nixon, A (Oxford University Press (OUP), 2018)
    We consider the problem of characterising the generic rigidity of bar-joint frameworks in R d in which each vertex is constrained to lie in a given affine subspace. The special case when d = 2 was previously solved by ...
  • A Case study of R performance analysis and optimization. 

    Huang, R; Xu, W; LIVERANI, S; Hiltbrand, D; Stapleton, A; Practice and Experience in Advanced Research Computing (PEARC) (ACM, 2018-07)
    Although R has become an analytic platform for many scientific domains, high performance has rarely been a trait of R. The inefficiency can come from the R programming specification itself or the interpreter environment ...
  • Multiplex network analysis of the UK OTC derivatives market 

    Bardoscia, M; BIANCONI, G; Ferrara, G (Bank of England, 2018-05)
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