Recent Submissions

  • Network Geometry and Complexity 

    MULDER, D; Bianconi, G (Springer Verlag, 2018-07)
    Higher order networks are able to characterize data as different as functional brain networks, protein interaction networks and social networks beyond the framework of pairwise interactions. Most notably higher order ...
  • Complex Network Geometry and Frustrated Synchronization 

    Millán, AP; Torres, JJ; Bianconi, G (Nature Publishing Group, 2018-07)
    The dynamics of networks of neuronal cultures has been recently shown to be strongly dependent on the network geometry and in particular on their dimensionality. However, this phenomenon has been so far mostly unexplored ...
  • Stochastic differential equations driven by deterministic chaotic maps: analytic solutions of the Perron-Frobenius equation 

    BECK, C; WILLIAMS, G (IOP Publishing, 2018)
    We consider discrete-time dynamical systems with a linear relaxation dynamics that are driven by deterministic chaotic forces. By perturbative expansion in a small time scale parameter, we derive from the Perron-Frobenius ...
  • Emergent explosive synchronization in adaptive complex networks 

    Avalos-Gaytán, V; Almendral, JA; Leyva, I; Battiston, F; Nicosia, V; Latora, V; Boccaletti, S (American Physical Society, 2018-04)
    Adaptation plays a fundamental role in shaping the structure of a complex network and improving its functional fitting. Even when increasing the level of synchronization in a biological system is considered as the main ...
  • Dense Power-law Networks and Simplicial Complexes 

    Courtney, OT; Bianconi, G (American Physical Society, 2018-04)
    There is increasing evidence that dense networks occur in on-line social networks, recommendation networks and in the brain. In addition to being dense, these networks are often also scale-free, i.e. their degree distributions ...
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