Recent Submissions

  • On Index Policies in Stochastic Scheduling 

    Eberle, F; FISCHER, FA; Matuschke, J; Megow, N; 16th International Conference on Project Management and Scheduling (2018-03)
  • Motzkin Numbers and Related Sequences Modulo Powers of 2 

    MUELLER, TW (Elsevier, 2018-06)
    We show that the generating function for Motzkin numbers , when coefficients are reduced modulo a given power of 2, can be expressed as a polynomial in the basic series with coefficients being Laurent polynomials in ...
  • Dynamics and Relativity: Practical Implications of Dynamic Markings in the Score 

    Kosta, K; BANDTLOW, OF; CHEW, E (Taylor & Francis (Routledge), 2018-06)
    Knowing how notated dynamic markings map to/from performed loudness have practical implications for music transcription and expression synthesis. Analysing 2000 recordings of 44 Chopin Mazurkas, we show empirically that ...
  • Multiplex decomposition of non-Markovian dynamics and the hidden layer reconstruction problem 

    Lacasa, L; Mariño, IP; Miguez, J; Nicosia, V; Roldán, E; Lisica, A; Grill, SW; Gómez-Gardeñes, J (American Physical Society, 2018)
    Elements composing complex systems usually interact in several different ways and as such the interaction architecture is well modelled by a multiplex network. However often this architecture is hidden, as one usually only ...
  • A Flexible Galerkin Scheme for Option Pricing in Lévy Models 

    GLAU, KB; Gaß, M (Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 2018)
    One popular approach to option pricing in L´evy models is through solving the related partial integro differential equation (PIDE). For the numerical solution of such equations powerful Galerkin methods have been put forward ...
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