Recent Submissions

  • Sketch-a-Classifier: Sketch-based Photo Classifier Generation 

    HU, C; LI, D; SONG, Y; XIANG, T; HOSPEDALES, T; International Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (International Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, 2018)
    Contemporary deep learning techniques have made image recognition a reasonably reliable technology. However training effective photo classifiers typically takes numerous examples which limits image recognition’s ...
  • Learning to Sketch with Shortcut Cycle Consistency 

    SONG, J; PANG, K; SONG, Y; XIANG, T; Hosepdales, T; International Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (IEEE, 2018)
    To see is to sketch – free-hand sketching naturally builds ties between human and machine vision. In this paper, we present a novel approach for translating an object photo to a sketch, mimicking the human sketching ...
  • Statistical Learning and Probabilistic Prediction in Music Cognition: Mechanisms of Stylistic Enculturation 

    PEARCE, MT (Wiley, 2018-05)
    Music perception depends on internal psychological models derived through exposure to a musical culture. It is hypothesized that this musical enculturation depends on two cognitive processes: (1) statistical learning, in ...
  • Dolores: A model that predicts football match outcomes from all over the world 

    CONSTANTINOU, AC (Springer Verlag, 2018-05)
    The paper describes Dolores, a model designed to predict football match outcomes in one country by observing football matches in multiple other countries. The model is a mixture of two methods: (a) dynamic ratings and (b) ...
  • Assessing Musical Similarity for Computational Music Creativity 

    GODDARD, C; BARTHET, M; WIGGINS, G (Audio Engineering Society, 2018-04)
    Computationally creative systems require semantic information when reflecting or self reasoning on their output. In this paper, we outline the design of a computationally creative musical performance system aimed at producing ...
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