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  • Refining musical performance through overlap 

    Duffy, S; Healey, PGT (2018-04)
    © 2018, Hacettepe University. All rights reserved. Whilst the focus of attention in an instrumental music lesson is refinement of the student’s musical performance, conversation plays an essential role; not just as a way ...
  • Pac-Man Conquers Academia: Two Decades of Research Using a Classic Arcade Game 

    Rohlfshagen, P; Liu, J; Perez-Liebana, D; Lucas, SM (IEEE, 2017-12)
    Pac-Man and its equally popular successor Ms.Pac-Man are often attributed to being the frontrunners of the golden age of arcade video games. Their impact goes well beyond the commercial world of video games and both games ...
  • Improving entity disambiguation with a vector space semantic tagger 

    McParland, Andrew; Newell, Chris; Sadrzadeh, Mehrnoosh (2018-11-14)
    This note describes a few suggestions for improving entity disambiguation using a vector-based semantic tagger, trained using the Skipgram model. The suggestions include assuming non uniform distributions for the probability ...
  • Exploring Semantic Incrementality with Dynamic Syntax and Vector Space Semantics 

    Sadrzadeh, M; Purver, M; Hough, J; Kempson, R (arXiv, 2018)
    One of the fundamental requirements for models of semantic processing in dialogue is incrementality: a model must reflect how people interpret and generate language at least on a word-by-word basis, and handle phenomena ...
  • Expectations for tonal cadences: Sensory and cognitive priming effects. 

    Sears, DRW; Pearce, MT; Spitzer, J; Caplin, WE; McAdams, S (SAGE, 2018-11)
    Studies examining the formation of melodic and harmonic expectations during music listening have repeatedly demonstrated that a tonal context primes listeners to expect certain (tonally related) continuations over others. ...
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