Recent Submissions

  • Primal and dual algorithms for optimization over the efficient set 

    Liu, Z; Ehrgott, M (Taylor and Francis, 2018-06-26)
    Optimization over the efficient set of a multi-objective optimization problem is a mathematical model for the problem of selecting a most preferred solution that arises in multiple criteria decision-making to account for ...
  • Creating Real-Time Aeroacoustic Sound Effects Using Physically Informed Models 

    SELFRIDGE, R; MOFFAT, D; AVITAL, E; REISS, J (Audio Engineering Society, 2018-08)
    Aeroacoustics is a branch of engineering within fluid dynamics. It encompasses sounds generated by disturbances in air, either by an airflow being disturbed by an object or an object moving through air. A number of fundamental ...
  • Model Checking Boot Code from AWS Data Centers 

    Cook, B; Khazem, K; Kroening, D; Tasiran, S; TAUTSCHNIG, M; Tuttle, M; Computer Aided Verification (Springer, 2018-07)
    This paper describes our experience with symbolic model checking in an industrial setting. We have proved that the initial boot code running in data centers at Amazon Web Services is memory safe, an essential step in ...
  • Evaluating an Interface for Cross-modal Information Seeking 

    STOCKMAN, AG; AL-THANI, D (Oxford University Press, 2018-09)
    The objective of the work reported here is to develop an understanding of cross-modal collaborative information-seeking (CCIS) between visually impaired (VI) and sighted users in order to learn how best to support it. In ...
  • Polynomial-time equivalence testing for deterministic fresh-register automata 

    TZEVELEKOS, NP; Murawski, AS; Ramsay, SJ; Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science (Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science, 2018)
    Register automata are one of the most studied automata models over infinite alphabets. The complexity of language equivalence for register automata is quite subtle. In general, the problem is undecidable but, in the ...
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