Recent Submissions

  • Towards unsupervised open-set person re-identification 

    Wang, H; Zhu, X; Xiang, T; Gong, S (IEEE, 2016-08)
    © 2016 IEEE.Most existing person re-identification (ReID) methods assume the availability of extensively labelled cross-view person pairs and a closed-set scenario (i.e. all the probe people exist in the gallery set). These ...
  • Exploring synonyms as context in zero-shot action recognition 

    Alexiou, I; Xiang, T; Gong, S (IEEE, 2016-08)
    © 2016 IEEE.Zero shot learning (ZSL) provides a solution to recognising unseen classes without class labelled data for model learning. Most ZSL methods aim to learn a mapping from a visual feature space to a semantic ...
  • Free-Hand Sketch Synthesis with Deformable Stroke Models 

    Li, Y; Song, YZ; Hospedales, TM; Gong, S (2016-10)
    © 2016 The Author(s)We present a generative model which can automatically summarize the stroke composition of free-hand sketches of a given category. When our model is fit to a collection of sketches with similar poses, ...
  • Stereo visual odometry in urban environments based on detecting ground features 

    de la Escalera, A; Izquierdo, E; Martín, D; Musleh, B; García, F; Armingol, JM (Elsevier/Science Direct, 2016-03-26)
    Autonomous vehicles rely on the accurate estimation of their pose, speed and direction of travel to perform basic navigation tasks. Although GPSs are very useful, they have some drawbacks in urban applications that affect ...
  • Free-hand sketch synthesis with deformable stroke models 

    Li, Y; SONG, Y; Hospedales, T; Gong, S (Springer Verlag (Germany), 2016-09)
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