Recent Submissions

  • Apophenia 

    Ziya, Ehsan (2017-08-21)
  • Runaway Reverie 

    Su, David (2017-08-21)
  • WebbyJam, a Web Tune Editor to Find Enjoyment 

    Takakura, Hiroyuki (2017-08-21)
  • Sunspots 

    Snyder, Jeff; Wallace, Drew (2017-08-21)
  • Live JS (performance) 

    McKegg, Matt; Schuhfuss, Martin; Pietrusky, Tim (2017-08-21)
  • Frabjous day 

    Roberts, Charlie (2017-08-21)
  • Playing (with) Mobile Devices and Web Standards ... Together 

    Schnell, Norbert; Matuszewski, Benjamin (2017-08-21)
    In this talk, we present an overview of the experiences we conducted with developers, artists, pedagogues, and many different audiences over the past three years in the framework of the CoSiMa research project. The hypothesis ...
  • Noiseless Web Audio Tests 

    Guttandin, Christoph (2017-08-21)
  • An approach to assess loudness and dynamics with Web Audio native nodes 

    Zimmer, Sebastian (2017-08-21)
    Music content providers on the Internet like YouTube, Spotify or Apple Music, as well as a range of software playback systems like the media player “foobar2000” have a loudness normalization feature to match a series of ...
  • Sound Colour Space – A Virtual Museum 

    Muzzulini, Daniel; Vogtenhuber, Raimund (2017-08-21)
    By investigating the conceptual field of sound, tone, pitch, and timbre in its relation to visual phenomena and geometrical concepts, the project Sound Colour Space – A Virtual Museumcontributes to an interdisciplinary ...
  • 88 Fingers 

    Schnell, Norbert; Matuszewski, Benjamin (2017-08-21)
    88 Fingers is a performance in which up to 88 players in the audience perform on an automatized piano (i.e. a YAMAHA Disklavier) via their mobile devices. The piano is presented in the performance space as if it would be ...
  • Quiver, Pop, and Dissolve: Three Essays in Gastromorphology 

    Houge, Ben; Youssef, Jozef (2017-08-21)
    We propose a performance that uses web audio technologies to present a unique solution to the challenge of pairing music with the unpredictable choices and actions of diners in a restaurant. Three small dishes by a ...
  • Hyperconnected Action Painting 

    Xambó, Anna; Roma, Gerard (2017-08-21)
    This performance invites the audience to participate in an immersive experience using their mobile devices. The aim is at capturing their actions on a digital painting inspired by Jackson Pollock’s action painting technique. ...
  • Open Band: Audiotype 

    Stolfi, Ariane; Barthet, Mathieu; Goródscy, Fábio (2017-08-21)
    Open Band is a collective performance, that deals with a contradiction of the social media, that is the apartness of the individual on their devices social media, to propose a collective sound intervention, were a conductor ...
  • Diamonds in Dystopia 

    Allison, Jesse; Ostrenko, Frederick; Cellucci, Vincent (2017-08-21)
    Diamonds in Dystopia is a body of work and web framework for creatively datamining large sources of text for mobile interaction. So far we have used it for live-streaming poetry performances at various locations such as ...
  • Web Audio in the Dining Room 

    Houge, Ben (2017-08-21)
    The worlds of the arts, gastronomy, and technology have been colliding and recombining with increasing frequency in recent years, resulting in unusual new forms of expression that engage with all of the senses in a uniquely ...
  • Building an IDE for an embedded system using web technologies 

    Donovan, Liam; Bin, S. M. Astrid; Armitage, Jack; McPherson, Andrew P. (2017-08-21)
    Implementing an understandable, accessible and effective user interface is a major challenge for many products in the microcontroller and embedded computing community. Bela, an embedded system for ultra-low latency audio ...
  • Is Web Audio ready for the Stage / Dancefloor? 

    McKegg, Matt (2017-08-21)
  • Intelligent audio plugin framework for the Web Audio API 

    Jillings, Nicholas; Wang, Yonghao; Stables, Ryan; Reiss, Joshua D. (2017-08-21)
    The Web Audio API introduced native audio processing into web browsers. Audio plugin standards have been created for developers to create audio-rich processors and deploy them into media rich websites. It is critical these ...

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