Recent Submissions

  • Movie Pirates of the Caribbean: Exploring Illegal Streaming Cyberlockers 

    Ibosiola, D; Steer, B; Garcia-Recuero, A; Stringhini, G; Uhlig, S; Tyson, G (International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media (ICWSM), 2018)
    Online video piracy (OVP) is a contentious topic, with strong proponents on both sides of the argument. Recently, a number of illegal websites, called streaming cyberlockers, have begun to dominate OVP. These websites ...
  • Content-aware Traffic Engineering 

    Frank, B; Poese, I; Smaragdakis, G; Uhlig, S; Feldmann, A (ACM, 2012-06)
    Today, a large fraction of Internet traffic is originated by Content Providers (CPs) such as content distribution networks and hyper-giants. To cope with the increasing demand for content, CPs deploy massively distributed ...
  • Multilink communities of multiplex networks. 

    Mondragon, RJ; Iacovacci, J; Bianconi, G (PLoS, 2018-03)
    Multiplex networks describe a large number of complex social, biological and transportation networks where a set of nodes is connected by links of different nature and connotation. Here we uncover the rich community structure ...
  • Channel Quality Aware Active Queue Management 

    SCHORMANS, JA; Computer Science and Electronic Engineering (CEEC), 2017 (IEEE, 2017-11)
    Queue management plays an important role in the performance of IP based networks and cellular networks in particular where large buffers are often deployed in order to absorb bursts resulting from the dynamic nature of the ...
  • Effects of Valence and Arousal on Working Memory Performance in Virtual Reality Gaming 

    TOKARCHUK, LN; Gabana, D; HANNON, E; GUNES, H; 7th Affective Computing and Intelligent Interaction (IEEE, 2018-02)
    The role of affective states in cognitive performance has long been an area of interest in cognitive science. Recent research in game-based cognitive training suggest that cognitive games should incorporate real-time ...
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