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  • 88 Fingers 

    Schnell, Norbert; Matuszewski, Benjamin (2017-08-21)
    88 Fingers is a performance in which up to 88 players in the audience perform on an automatized piano (i.e. a YAMAHA Disklavier) via their mobile devices. The piano is presented in the performance space as if it would be ...
  • Active Server Roles for Extended Distributed Performance Complexity in Diamonds in Dystopia 

    Allison, Jesse; Ostrenko, Frederick; Cellucci, Vincent (2017-08-21)
    Distributed performance systems that utilize a centralized server for connectivity have the potential to also provide extended computational and storage resources that would not be beneficial or even possible if distributed ...
  • Apophenia 

    Ziya, Ehsan (2017-08-21)
  • An approach to assess loudness and dynamics with Web Audio native nodes 

    Zimmer, Sebastian (2017-08-21)
    Music content providers on the Internet like YouTube, Spotify or Apple Music, as well as a range of software playback systems like the media player “foobar2000” have a loudness normalization feature to match a series of ...
  • ARCADE 3D-audio codec: an implementation for the web 

    Becker, François; Bernard, Benjamin; Carron, Clément (2017-08-21)
    This poster introduces the implementation of the ARCADE 3D audio codec for web browsers. ARCADE can embed a full 3D audio scene in a simple stereo-compatible audio stream that can be further compressed with standard lossy ...
  • BAT: An open-source, web-based audio events annotation tool 

    Meléndez-Catalán, Blai; Molina, Emilio; Gómez, Emilia (2017-08-21)
    In this paper we present BAT (BMAT Annotation Tool), an open-source, web-based tool for the manual annotation of events in audio recordings developed at BMAT (Barcelona Music and Audio Technologies). The main feature of ...
  • Building an IDE for an embedded system using web technologies 

    Donovan, Liam; Bin, S. M. Astrid; Armitage, Jack; McPherson, Andrew P. (2017-08-21)
    Implementing an understandable, accessible and effective user interface is a major challenge for many products in the microcontroller and embedded computing community. Bela, an embedded system for ultra-low latency audio ...
  • Cloudspeakers – a mobile performance network 

    Visser, Jeroen; Vogtenhuber, Raimund (2017-08-21)
    In this project we developed a network of cloudspeakers. These are mobile speakers connected to a raspberry pi3 equipped with a low-latency audio card. They are connected to a wifi network and run a SuperCollider-Server ...
  • A collaborative web platform for sound archives management and analysis 

    Fillon, Thomas; Pellerin, Guillaume (2017-08-21)
    In the context of digital sound archives, an innovative web framework for automatic analysis and manual annotation of audio files has been developed. This web framework, is called Timeside and is available under an open-source ...
  • Compiling Faust audio DSP code to WebAssembly 

    Letz, Stéphane; Orlarey, Yann; Fober, Dominique (2017-08-21)
    After a first version based on asm.js [4], we show in this paper how the Faust audio DSP language can be used to generate effi cient Web Audio nodes based on WebAssembly. Two new compiler backends have been developed. The ...
  • Demonstrating Interactive Machine Learning Tools for Rapid Prototyping of Gestural Instruments in the Browser 

    Parkinson, Adam; Zbyszynski, Michael; Bernardo, Francisco (2017-08-21)
    These demonstrations will allow visitors to prototype gestural, interactive musical instruments in the browser. Different browser based synthesisers can be controlled by either a Leap Motion sensor or a Myo armband. The ...
  • Diamonds in Dystopia 

    Allison, Jesse; Ostrenko, Frederick; Cellucci, Vincent (2017-08-21)
    Diamonds in Dystopia is a body of work and web framework for creatively datamining large sources of text for mobile interaction. So far we have used it for live-streaming poetry performances at various locations such as ...
  • Exploring Musical Expression on the Web: Deforming, Exaggerating, and Blending Decomposed Recordings 

    Thalmann, Florian; Ewert, Sebastian; Wiggins, Geraint; Wiggins, Mark B. (2017-08-21)
    We introduce a prototype of an educational web application for comparative performance analysis based on source separation and object-based audio techniques. The underlying system decomposes recordings of classical music ...
  • Frabjous day 

    Roberts, Charlie (2017-08-21)
  • Freesound Explorer: Make Music While Discovering Freesound! 

    Font, Frederic; Bandiera, Giuseppe (2017-08-21)
    Freesound Explorer is a visual interface for exploring Freesound content in a two-dimensional space and creating music by linking content in that space. Freesound Explorer is implemented as a web application which takes ...
  • Hi-precision audio in listening tests - also in the browser? 

    Pedersen, Benjamin (2017-08-21)
    In listening tests, detailed sound control is sometimes mandatory down to each individual digital sample value and guarantee is needed that they are not unintentionally altered. At other times, a lesser degree of control ...
  • HTML Web Audio Elements: Easy Interaction with Web Audio API Through HTML 

    Volke, Stephanus; Bechtold, Bastian; Bitzer, Joerg (2017-08-21)
    The JavaScript Web Audio API has a powerful but low-level and complicated structure. Therefore, many Javascript-based wrapper libraries exist, which are intended to simplify its usage. This paper presents a completely new ...
  • Hyperconnected Action Painting 

    Xambó, Anna; Roma, Gerard (2017-08-21)
    This performance invites the audience to participate in an immersive experience using their mobile devices. The aim is at capturing their actions on a digital painting inspired by Jackson Pollock’s action painting technique. ...
  • Intelligent audio plugin framework for the Web Audio API 

    Jillings, Nicholas; Wang, Yonghao; Stables, Ryan; Reiss, Joshua D. (2017-08-21)
    The Web Audio API introduced native audio processing into web browsers. Audio plugin standards have been created for developers to create audio-rich processors and deploy them into media rich websites. It is critical these ...
  • An Intelligent audio workstation in the browser 

    Jillings, Nicholas; Stables, Ryan (2017-08-21)
    Music production is a complex process requiring skill and time to undertake. The industry has undergone a digital revolution, but unlike other industries the process has not changed. However, intelligent systems, using the ...
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