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    • Genetic Aspects of Pituitary Adenomas. 

      Marques, P; Korbonits, M (2017-06)
      Although most of pituitary adenomas are benign, they may cause significant burden to patients. Sporadic adenomas represent the vast majority of the cases, where recognized somatic mutations (eg, GNAS or USP8), as well as ...
    • Sporadic pituitary adenomas: the role of germline mutations and recommendations for genetic screening. 

      Iacovazzo, D; Hernández-Ramírez, LC; Korbonits, M (2017-03)
      INTRODUCTION: Although most pituitary adenomas occur sporadically, these common tumors can present in a familial setting in approximately 5% of cases. Germline mutations in several genes with autosomal dominant (AIP, MEN1, ...