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dc.contributor.authorAbbott, BP
dc.contributor.authorAbbott, R
dc.contributor.authorAbbott, TD
dc.contributor.authorAcernese, F
dc.contributor.authorAckley, K
dc.contributor.authorAdams, C
dc.contributor.authorAdams, T
dc.contributor.authorAddesso, P
dc.contributor.authorAdhikari, RX
dc.contributor.authorAdya, VB
dc.contributor.authorAffeldt, C
dc.contributor.authorAfrough, M
dc.contributor.authorAgarwal, B
dc.contributor.authorAgathos, M
dc.contributor.authorAgatsuma, K
dc.contributor.authorAggarwal, N
dc.contributor.authorAguiar, OD
dc.contributor.authorAiello, L
dc.contributor.authorAin, A
dc.contributor.authorAjith, P
dc.contributor.authorAllen, B
dc.contributor.authorAllen, G
dc.contributor.authorAllocca, A
dc.contributor.authorAltin, PA
dc.contributor.authorAmato, A
dc.contributor.authorAnanyeva, A
dc.contributor.authorAnderson, SB
dc.contributor.authorAnderson, WG
dc.contributor.authorAntier, S
dc.contributor.authorAppert, S
dc.contributor.authorArai, K
dc.contributor.authorAraya, MC
dc.contributor.authorAreeda, JS
dc.contributor.authorArnaud, N
dc.contributor.authorArun, KG
dc.contributor.authorAscenzi, S
dc.contributor.authorAshton, G
dc.contributor.authorAst, M
dc.contributor.authorAston, SM
dc.contributor.authorAstone, P
dc.contributor.authorAufmuth, P
dc.contributor.authorAulbert, C
dc.contributor.authorAultONeal, K
dc.contributor.authorAvila-Alvarez, A
dc.contributor.authorBabak, S
dc.contributor.authorBacon, P
dc.contributor.authorBader, MKM
dc.contributor.authorBae, S
dc.contributor.authorBaker, PT
dc.contributor.authorBaldaccini, F
dc.contributor.authorBallardin, G
dc.contributor.authorBallmer, SW
dc.contributor.authorBanagiri, S
dc.contributor.authorBarayoga, JC
dc.contributor.authorBarclay, SE
dc.contributor.authorBarish, BC
dc.contributor.authorBarker, D
dc.contributor.authorBarone, F
dc.contributor.authorBarr, B
dc.contributor.authorBarsotti, L
dc.contributor.authorBarsuglia, M
dc.contributor.authorBarta, D
dc.contributor.authorBartlett, J
dc.contributor.authorBartos, I
dc.contributor.authorBassiri, R
dc.contributor.authorBasti, A
dc.contributor.authorBatch, JC
dc.contributor.authorBaune, C
dc.contributor.authorBawaj, M
dc.contributor.authorBazzan, M
dc.contributor.authorBecsy, B
dc.contributor.authorBeer, C
dc.contributor.authorBejger, M
dc.contributor.authorBelahcene, I
dc.contributor.authorBell, AS
dc.contributor.authorBerger, BK
dc.contributor.authorBergmann, G
dc.contributor.authorBerry, CPL
dc.contributor.authorBersanetti, D
dc.contributor.authorBertolini, A
dc.contributor.authorBetzwieser, J
dc.contributor.authorBhagwat, S
dc.contributor.authorBhandare, R
dc.contributor.authorBilenko, IA
dc.contributor.authorBillingsley, G
dc.contributor.authorBillman, CR
dc.contributor.authorBirch, J
dc.contributor.authorBirney, R
dc.contributor.authorBirnholtz, O
dc.contributor.authorBiscans, S
dc.contributor.authorBisht, A
dc.contributor.authorBitossi, M
dc.contributor.authorBiwer, C
dc.contributor.authorBizouard, MA
dc.contributor.authorBlackburn, JK
dc.contributor.authorBlackman, J
dc.contributor.authorBlair, CD
dc.contributor.authorBlair, DG
dc.contributor.authorBlair, RM
dc.contributor.authorBloemen, S
dc.contributor.authorBock, O
dc.contributor.authorBode, N
dc.contributor.authorBoer, M
dc.contributor.authorBogaert, G
dc.contributor.authorBohe, A
dc.contributor.authorBondu, F
dc.contributor.authorBonnand, R
dc.contributor.authorBoom, BA
dc.contributor.authorBork, R
dc.contributor.authorBoschi, V
dc.contributor.authorBose, S
dc.contributor.authorBouffanais, Y
dc.contributor.authorBozzi, A
dc.contributor.authorBradaschia, C
dc.contributor.authorBrady, PR
dc.contributor.authorBraginsky, VB
dc.contributor.authorBranchesi, M
dc.contributor.authorBrau, JE
dc.contributor.authorBriant, T
dc.contributor.authorBrillet, A
dc.contributor.authorBrinkmann, M
dc.contributor.authorBrisson, V
dc.contributor.authorBrockill, P
dc.contributor.authorBroida, JE
dc.contributor.authorBrooks, AF
dc.contributor.authorBrown, DA
dc.contributor.authorBrown, DD
dc.contributor.authorBrown, NM
dc.contributor.authorBrunett, S
dc.contributor.authorBuchanan, CC
dc.contributor.authorBuikema, A
dc.contributor.authorBulik, T
dc.contributor.authorBulten, HJ
dc.contributor.authorBuonanno, A
dc.contributor.authorBuskulic, D
dc.contributor.authorBuy, C
dc.contributor.authorByer, RL
dc.contributor.authorCabero, M
dc.contributor.authorCadonati, L
dc.contributor.authorCagnoli, G
dc.contributor.authorCahillane, C
dc.contributor.authorBustillo, JC
dc.contributor.authorCallister, TA
dc.contributor.authorCalloni, E
dc.contributor.authorCamp, JB
dc.contributor.authorCanepa, M
dc.contributor.authorCanizares, P
dc.contributor.authorCannon, KC
dc.contributor.authorCao, H
dc.contributor.authorCao, J
dc.contributor.authorCapano, CD
dc.contributor.authorCapocasa, E
dc.contributor.authorCarbognani, F
dc.contributor.authorCaride, S
dc.contributor.authorCarney, MF
dc.contributor.authorDiaz, JC
dc.contributor.authorCasentini, C
dc.contributor.authorCaudill, S
dc.contributor.authorCavaglia, M
dc.contributor.authorCavalier, F
dc.contributor.authorCavalieri, R
dc.contributor.authorCella, G
dc.contributor.authorCepeda, CB
dc.contributor.authorBaiardi, LC
dc.contributor.authorCerretani, G
dc.contributor.authorCesarini, E
dc.contributor.authorChamberlin, SJ
dc.contributor.authorChan, M
dc.contributor.authorChao, S
dc.contributor.authorCharlton, P
dc.contributor.authorChassande-Mottin, E
dc.contributor.authorChatterjee, D
dc.contributor.authorChatziioannou, K
dc.contributor.authorCheeseboro, BD
dc.contributor.authorChen, HY
dc.contributor.authorChen, Y
dc.contributor.authorCheng, H-P
dc.contributor.authorChincarini, A
dc.contributor.authorChiummo, A
dc.contributor.authorChmiel, T
dc.contributor.authorCho, HS
dc.contributor.authorCho, M
dc.contributor.authorChow, JH
dc.contributor.authorChristensen, N
dc.contributor.authorChu, Q
dc.contributor.authorChua, AJK
dc.contributor.authorChua, S
dc.contributor.authorChung, AKW
dc.contributor.authorChung, S
dc.contributor.authorCiani, G
dc.contributor.authorCiolfi, R
dc.contributor.authorCirelli, CE
dc.contributor.authorCirone, A
dc.contributor.authorClara, F
dc.contributor.authorClark, JA
dc.contributor.authorCleva, F
dc.contributor.authorCocchieri, C
dc.contributor.authorCoccia, E
dc.contributor.authorCohadon, P-F
dc.contributor.authorColla, A
dc.contributor.authorCollette, CG
dc.contributor.authorCominsky, LR
dc.contributor.authorJr, CM
dc.contributor.authorConti, L
dc.contributor.authorCooper, SJ
dc.contributor.authorCorban, P
dc.contributor.authorCorbitt, TR
dc.contributor.authorCorley, KR
dc.contributor.authorCornish, N
dc.contributor.authorCorsi, A
dc.contributor.authorCortese, S
dc.contributor.authorCosta, CA
dc.contributor.authorCoughlin, MW
dc.contributor.authorCoughlin, SB
dc.contributor.authorCoulon, J-P
dc.contributor.authorCountryman, ST
dc.contributor.authorCouvares, P
dc.contributor.authorCovas, PB
dc.contributor.authorCowan, EE
dc.contributor.authorCoward, DM
dc.contributor.authorCowart, MJ
dc.contributor.authorCoyne, DC
dc.contributor.authorCoyne, R
dc.contributor.authorCreighton, JDE
dc.contributor.authorCreighton, TD
dc.contributor.authorCripe, J
dc.contributor.authorCrowder, SG
dc.contributor.authorCullen, TJ
dc.contributor.authorCumming, A
dc.contributor.authorCunningham, L
dc.contributor.authorCuoco, E
dc.contributor.authorDal Canton, T
dc.contributor.authorDanilishin, SL
dc.contributor.authorD'Antonio, S
dc.contributor.authorDanzmann, K
dc.contributor.authorDasgupta, A
dc.contributor.authorDa Silva Costa, CF
dc.contributor.authorDattilo, V
dc.contributor.authorDave, I
dc.contributor.authorDavier, M
dc.contributor.authorDavis, D
dc.contributor.authorDaw, EJ
dc.contributor.authorDay, B
dc.contributor.authorDe, S
dc.contributor.authorDebra, D
dc.contributor.authorDeelman, E
dc.contributor.authorDegallaix, J
dc.contributor.authorDe laurentis, M
dc.contributor.authorDeleglise, S
dc.contributor.authorDel Pozzo, W
dc.contributor.authorDenker, T
dc.contributor.authorDent, T
dc.contributor.authorDergachev, V
dc.contributor.authorDe Rosa, R
dc.contributor.authorDeRosa, RT
dc.contributor.authorDeSalvo, R
dc.contributor.authorDevenson, J
dc.contributor.authorDevine, RC
dc.contributor.authorDhurandhar, S
dc.contributor.authorDiaz, MC
dc.contributor.authorDi Fiore, L
dc.contributor.authorDi Giovanni, M
dc.contributor.authorDi Girolamo, T
dc.contributor.authorDi Lieto, A
dc.contributor.authorDi Pace, S
dc.contributor.authorDi Palma, I
dc.contributor.authorDi Renzo, F
dc.contributor.authorDoctor, Z
dc.contributor.authorDolique, V
dc.contributor.authorDonovan, F
dc.contributor.authorDooley, KL
dc.contributor.authorDoravari, S
dc.contributor.authorDorrington, I
dc.contributor.authorDouglas, R
dc.contributor.authorAlvarez, MD
dc.contributor.authorDownes, TP
dc.contributor.authorDrago, M
dc.contributor.authorDrever, RWP
dc.contributor.authorDriggers, JC
dc.contributor.authorDu, Z
dc.contributor.authorDucrot, M
dc.contributor.authorDuncan, J
dc.contributor.authorDwyer, SE
dc.contributor.authorEdo, TB
dc.contributor.authorEdwards, MC
dc.contributor.authorEffler, A
dc.contributor.authorEggenstein, H-B
dc.contributor.authorEhrens, P
dc.contributor.authorEichholz, J
dc.contributor.authorEikenberry, SS
dc.contributor.authorEisenstein, RA
dc.contributor.authorEssick, RC
dc.contributor.authorEtienne, ZB
dc.contributor.authorEtzel, T
dc.contributor.authorEvans, M
dc.contributor.authorEvans, TM
dc.contributor.authorFactourovich, M
dc.contributor.authorFafone, V
dc.contributor.authorFair, H
dc.contributor.authorFairhurst, S
dc.contributor.authorFan, X
dc.contributor.authorFarinon, S
dc.contributor.authorFarr, B
dc.contributor.authorFarr, WM
dc.contributor.authorFauchon-Jones, EJ
dc.contributor.authorFavata, M
dc.contributor.authorFays, M
dc.contributor.authorFehrmann, H
dc.contributor.authorFeicht, J
dc.contributor.authorFejer, MM
dc.contributor.authorFernandez-Galiana, A
dc.contributor.authorFerrante, I
dc.contributor.authorFerreira, EC
dc.contributor.authorFerrini, F
dc.contributor.authorFidecaro, F
dc.contributor.authorFiori, I
dc.contributor.authorFiorucci, D
dc.contributor.authorFisher, RP
dc.contributor.authorFlaminio, R
dc.contributor.authorFletcher, M
dc.contributor.authorFong, H
dc.contributor.authorForsyth, PWF
dc.contributor.authorForsyth, SS
dc.contributor.authorFournier, J-D
dc.contributor.authorFrasca, S
dc.contributor.authorFrasconi, F
dc.contributor.authorFrei, Z
dc.contributor.authorFreise, A
dc.contributor.authorFrey, R
dc.contributor.authorFrey, V
dc.contributor.authorFries, EM
dc.contributor.authorFritschel, P
dc.contributor.authorFrolov, VV
dc.contributor.authorFulda, P
dc.contributor.authorFyffe, M
dc.contributor.authorGabbard, H
dc.contributor.authorGabel, M
dc.contributor.authorGadre, BU
dc.contributor.authorGaebel, SM
dc.contributor.authorGair, JR
dc.contributor.authorGalloway, DK
dc.contributor.authorGammaitoni, L
dc.contributor.authorGanija, MR
dc.contributor.authorGaonkar, SG
dc.contributor.authorGarufi, F
dc.contributor.authorGaudio, S
dc.contributor.authorGaur, G
dc.contributor.authorGayathri, V
dc.contributor.authorGehrels, N
dc.contributor.authorGemme, G
dc.contributor.authorGenin, E
dc.contributor.authorGennai, A
dc.contributor.authorGeorge, D
dc.contributor.authorGeorge, J
dc.contributor.authorGergely, L
dc.contributor.authorGermain, V
dc.contributor.authorGhonge, S
dc.contributor.authorGhosh, A
dc.contributor.authorGhosh, A
dc.contributor.authorGhosh, S
dc.contributor.authorGiaime, JA
dc.contributor.authorGiardina, KD
dc.contributor.authorGiazotto, A
dc.contributor.authorGill, K
dc.contributor.authorGlover, L
dc.contributor.authorGoetz, E
dc.contributor.authorGoetz, R
dc.contributor.authorGomes, S
dc.contributor.authorGonzlez, G
dc.contributor.authorCastro, JMG
dc.contributor.authorGopakumar, A
dc.contributor.authorGorodetsky, ML
dc.contributor.authorGossan, SE
dc.contributor.authorGosselin, M
dc.contributor.authorGouaty, R
dc.contributor.authorGrado, A
dc.contributor.authorGraef, C
dc.contributor.authorGranata, M
dc.contributor.authorGrant, A
dc.contributor.authorGras, S
dc.contributor.authorGray, C
dc.contributor.authorGreco, G
dc.contributor.authorGreen, AC
dc.contributor.authorGroot, P
dc.contributor.authorGrote, H
dc.contributor.authorGrunewald, S
dc.contributor.authorGruning, P
dc.contributor.authorGuidi, GM
dc.contributor.authorGuo, X
dc.contributor.authorGupta, A
dc.contributor.authorGupta, MK
dc.contributor.authorGushwa, KE
dc.contributor.authorGustafson, EK
dc.contributor.authorGustafson, R
dc.contributor.authorHall, BR
dc.contributor.authorHall, ED
dc.contributor.authorHammond, G
dc.contributor.authorHaney, M
dc.contributor.authorHanke, MM
dc.contributor.authorHanks, J
dc.contributor.authorHanna, C
dc.contributor.authorHannuksela, OA
dc.contributor.authorHanson, J
dc.contributor.authorHardwick, T
dc.contributor.authorHarms, J
dc.contributor.authorHarry, GM
dc.contributor.authorHarry, IW
dc.contributor.authorHart, MJ
dc.contributor.authorHaster, C-J
dc.contributor.authorHaughian, K
dc.contributor.authorHealy, J
dc.contributor.authorHeidmann, A
dc.contributor.authorHeintze, MC
dc.contributor.authorHeitmann, H
dc.contributor.authorHello, P
dc.contributor.authorHemming, G
dc.contributor.authorHendry, M
dc.contributor.authorHeng, IS
dc.contributor.authorHennig, J
dc.contributor.authorHenry, J
dc.contributor.authorHeptonstall, AW
dc.contributor.authorHeurs, M
dc.contributor.authorHild, S
dc.contributor.authorHoak, D
dc.contributor.authorHofman, D
dc.contributor.authorHolt, K
dc.contributor.authorHolz, DE
dc.contributor.authorHopkins, P
dc.contributor.authorHorst, C
dc.contributor.authorHough, J
dc.contributor.authorHouston, EA
dc.contributor.authorHowell, EJ
dc.contributor.authorHu, YM
dc.contributor.authorHuerta, EA
dc.contributor.authorHuet, D
dc.contributor.authorHughey, B
dc.contributor.authorHusa, S
dc.contributor.authorHuttner, SH
dc.contributor.authorHuynh-Dinh, T
dc.contributor.authorIndik, N
dc.contributor.authorIngram, DR
dc.contributor.authorInta, R
dc.contributor.authorIntini, G
dc.contributor.authorIsa, HN
dc.contributor.authorIsac, J-M
dc.contributor.authorIsi, M
dc.contributor.authorIyer, BR
dc.contributor.authorIzumi, K
dc.contributor.authorJacqmin, T
dc.contributor.authorJani, K
dc.contributor.authorJaranowski, P
dc.contributor.authorJawahar, S
dc.contributor.authorJimenez-Forteza, F
dc.contributor.authorJohnson, WW
dc.contributor.authorJones, DI
dc.contributor.authorJones, R
dc.contributor.authorJonker, RJG
dc.contributor.authorJu, L
dc.contributor.authorJunker, J
dc.contributor.authorKalaghatgi, CV
dc.contributor.authorKalogera, V
dc.contributor.authorKandhasamy, S
dc.contributor.authorKang, G
dc.contributor.authorKanner, JB
dc.contributor.authorKarki, S
dc.contributor.authorKarvinen, KS
dc.contributor.authorKasprzack, M
dc.contributor.authorKatolik, M
dc.contributor.authorKatsavounidis, E
dc.contributor.authorKatzman, W
dc.contributor.authorKaufer, S
dc.contributor.authorKawabe, K
dc.contributor.authorKefelian, F
dc.contributor.authorKeitel, D
dc.contributor.authorKemball, AJ
dc.contributor.authorKennedy, R
dc.contributor.authorKent, C
dc.contributor.authorKey, JS
dc.contributor.authorKhalili, FY
dc.contributor.authorKhan, I
dc.contributor.authorKhan, S
dc.contributor.authorKhan, Z
dc.contributor.authorKhazanov, EA
dc.contributor.authorKijbunchoo, N
dc.contributor.authorKim, C
dc.contributor.authorKim, JC
dc.contributor.authorKim, W
dc.contributor.authorKim, WS
dc.contributor.authorKim, Y-M
dc.contributor.authorKimbrell, SJ
dc.contributor.authorKing, EJ
dc.contributor.authorKing, PJ
dc.contributor.authorKirchhoff, R
dc.contributor.authorKissel, JS
dc.contributor.authorKleybolte, L
dc.contributor.authorKlimenko, S
dc.contributor.authorKoch, P
dc.contributor.authorKoehlenbeck, SM
dc.contributor.authorKoley, S
dc.contributor.authorKondrashov, V
dc.contributor.authorKontos, A
dc.contributor.authorKorobko, M
dc.contributor.authorKorth, WZ
dc.contributor.authorKowalska, I
dc.contributor.authorKozak, DB
dc.contributor.authorKrmer, C
dc.contributor.authorKringel, V
dc.contributor.authorKrishnan, B
dc.contributor.authorKrolak, A
dc.contributor.authorKuehn, G
dc.contributor.authorKumar, P
dc.contributor.authorKumar, R
dc.contributor.authorKumar, S
dc.contributor.authorKuo, L
dc.contributor.authorKutynia, A
dc.contributor.authorKwang, S
dc.contributor.authorLackey, BD
dc.contributor.authorLai, KH
dc.contributor.authorLandry, M
dc.contributor.authorLang, RN
dc.contributor.authorLange, J
dc.contributor.authorLantz, B
dc.contributor.authorLanza, RK
dc.contributor.authorLartaux-Vollard, A
dc.contributor.authorLasky, PD
dc.contributor.authorLaxen, M
dc.contributor.authorLazzarini, A
dc.contributor.authorLazzaro, C
dc.contributor.authorLeaci, P
dc.contributor.authorLeavey, S
dc.contributor.authorLee, CH
dc.contributor.authorLee, HK
dc.contributor.authorLee, HM
dc.contributor.authorLee, HW
dc.contributor.authorLee, K
dc.contributor.authorLehmann, J
dc.contributor.authorLenon, A
dc.contributor.authorLeonardi, M
dc.contributor.authorLeroy, N
dc.contributor.authorLetendre, N
dc.contributor.authorLevin, Y
dc.contributor.authorLi, TGF
dc.contributor.authorLibson, A
dc.contributor.authorLittenberg, TB
dc.contributor.authorLiu, J
dc.contributor.authorLo, RKL
dc.contributor.authorLockerbie, NA
dc.contributor.authorLondon, LT
dc.contributor.authorLord, JE
dc.contributor.authorLorenzini, M
dc.contributor.authorLoriette, V
dc.contributor.authorLormand, M
dc.contributor.authorLosurdo, G
dc.contributor.authorLough, JD
dc.contributor.authorLousto, CO
dc.contributor.authorLovelace, G
dc.contributor.authorLuck, H
dc.contributor.authorLumaca, D
dc.contributor.authorLundgren, AP
dc.contributor.authorLynch, R
dc.contributor.authorMa, Y
dc.contributor.authorMacfoy, S
dc.contributor.authorMachenschalk, B
dc.contributor.authorMacInnis, M
dc.contributor.authorMacleod, DM
dc.contributor.authorHernandez, IM
dc.contributor.authorMagana-Sandoval, F
dc.contributor.authorZertuche, LM
dc.contributor.authorMagee, RM
dc.contributor.authorMajorana, E
dc.contributor.authorMaksimovic, I
dc.contributor.authorMan, N
dc.contributor.authorMandic, V
dc.contributor.authorMangano, V
dc.contributor.authorMansell, GL
dc.contributor.authorManske, M
dc.contributor.authorMantovani, M
dc.contributor.authorMarchesoni, F
dc.contributor.authorMarion, F
dc.contributor.authorMarka, S
dc.contributor.authorMarka, Z
dc.contributor.authorMarkakis, C
dc.contributor.authorMarkosyan, AS
dc.contributor.authorMaros, E
dc.contributor.authorMartelli, F
dc.contributor.authorMartellini, L
dc.contributor.authorMartin, IW
dc.contributor.authorMartynov, DV
dc.contributor.authorMason, K
dc.contributor.authorMasserot, A
dc.contributor.authorMassinger, TJ
dc.contributor.authorMasso-Reid, M
dc.contributor.authorMastrogiovanni, S
dc.contributor.authorMatas, A
dc.contributor.authorMatichard, F
dc.contributor.authorMatone, L
dc.contributor.authorMavalvala, N
dc.contributor.authorMayani, R
dc.contributor.authorMazumder, N
dc.contributor.authorMcCarthy, R
dc.contributor.authorMcClelland, DE
dc.contributor.authorMcCormick, S
dc.contributor.authorMcCuller, L
dc.contributor.authorMcGuire, SC
dc.contributor.authorMcIntyre, G
dc.contributor.authorMcIver, J
dc.contributor.authorMcManus, DJ
dc.contributor.authorMcRae, T
dc.contributor.authorMcWilliams, ST
dc.contributor.authorMeacher, D
dc.contributor.authorMeadors, GD
dc.contributor.authorMeidam, J
dc.contributor.authorMejuto-Villa, E
dc.contributor.authorMelatos, A
dc.contributor.authorMendell, G
dc.contributor.authorMercer, RA
dc.contributor.authorMerilh, EL
dc.contributor.authorMerzougui, M
dc.contributor.authorMeshkov, S
dc.contributor.authorMessenger, C
dc.contributor.authorMessick, C
dc.contributor.authorMetzdorff, R
dc.contributor.authorMeyers, PM
dc.contributor.authorMezzani, F
dc.contributor.authorMiao, H
dc.contributor.authorMichel, C
dc.contributor.authorMiddleton, H
dc.contributor.authorMikhailov, EE
dc.contributor.authorMilano, L
dc.contributor.authorMiller, AL
dc.contributor.authorMiller, A
dc.contributor.authorMiller, BB
dc.contributor.authorMiller, J
dc.contributor.authorMillhouse, M
dc.contributor.authorMinazzoli, O
dc.contributor.authorMinenkov, Y
dc.contributor.authorMing, J
dc.contributor.authorMishra, C
dc.contributor.authorMitra, S
dc.contributor.authorMitrofanov, VP
dc.contributor.authorMitselmakher, G
dc.contributor.authorMittleman, R
dc.contributor.authorMoggi, A
dc.contributor.authorMohan, M
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A., Vardaro, M., Varma, V., Vass, S., Vasúth, M., Vecchio, A., Vedovato, G., Veitch, J., Veitch, P., Venkateswara, K., Venugopalan, G., Verkindt, D., Vetrano, F., Viceré, A., Viets, A., Vinciguerra, S., Vine, D., Vinet, J., Vitale, S., Vo, T., Vocca, H., Vorvick, C., Voss, D., Vousden, W., Vyatchanin, S., Wade, A., Wade, L., Wade, M., Walet, R., Walker, M., Wallace, L., Walsh, S., Wang, G., Wang, H., Wang, J., Wang, M., Wang, Y., Wang, Y., Ward, R., Warner, J., Was, M., Watchi, J., Weaver, B., Wei, L., Weinert, M., Weinstein, A., Weiss, R., Wen, L., Wessel, E., Wessels, P., Westphal, T., Wette, K., Whelan, J., Whiting, B., Whittle, C., Williams, D., Williams, R., Williamson, A., Willis, J., Willke, B., Wimmer, M., Winkler, W., Wipf, C., Wittel, H., Woan, G., Woehler, J., Wofford, J., Wong, K., Worden, J., Wright, J., Wu, D., Wu, G., Yam, W., Yamamoto, H., Yancey, C., Yap, M., Yu, H., Yu, H., Yvert, M., Zanolin, M., Zelenova, T., Zendri, J., Zevin, M., Zhang, L., Zhang, M., Zhang, T., Zhang, Y., Zhao, C., Zhou, M., Zhou, Z., Zhu, X., Zucker, M., Zweizig, J., Steeghs, D. and Wang, L. (2017). Upper Limits on Gravitational Waves from Scorpius X-1 from a Model-based Cross-correlation Search in Advanced LIGO Data. The Astrophysical Journal, [online] 847(1), p.47. Available at: [Accessed 5 Feb. 2019].en_US
dc.identifier.otherARTN 47
dc.description.abstractWe present the results of a semicoherent search for continuous gravitational waves from the low-mass X-ray binary Scorpius X-1, using data from the first Advanced LIGO observing run. The search method uses details of the modeled, parametrized continuous signal to combine coherently data separated by less than a specified coherence time, which can be adjusted to trade off sensitivity against computational cost. A search was conducted over the frequency range 25–$2000\,\mathrm{Hz}$, spanning the current observationally constrained range of binary orbital parameters. No significant detection candidates were found, and frequency-dependent upper limits were set using a combination of sensitivity estimates and simulated signal injections. The most stringent upper limit was set at $175\,\mathrm{Hz}$, with comparable limits set across the most sensitive frequency range from 100 to $200\,\mathrm{Hz}$. At this frequency, the 95% upper limit on the signal amplitude h 0 is $2.3\times {10}^{-25}$ marginalized over the unknown inclination angle of the neutron star's spin, and $8.0\times {10}^{-26}$ assuming the best orientation (which results in circularly polarized gravitational waves). These limits are a factor of 3–4 stronger than those set by other analyses of the same data, and a factor of ~7 stronger than the best upper limits set using data from Initial LIGO science runs. In the vicinity of $100\,\mathrm{Hz}$, the limits are a factor of between 1.2 and 3.5 above the predictions of the torque balance model, depending on the inclination angle; if the most likely inclination angle of 44° is assumed, they are within a factor of 1.7.en_US
dc.publisherIOP Publishingen_US
dc.relation.ispartofASTROPHYSICAL JOURNAL
dc.rightsAttribution 3.0 United States*
dc.subjectaccretion,accretion disksen_US
dc.subjectgravitational wavesen_US
dc.subjectstars: neutronen_US
dc.subjectX-rays: binariesen_US
dc.titleUpper Limits on Gravitational Waves from Scorpius X-1 from a Model-based Cross-correlation Search in Advanced LIGO Dataen_US
dc.rights.holder© 2017. The American Astronomical Society.
dc.rights.holderOriginal content from this work may be used under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 licence.
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