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dc.contributor.authorDostal, Matej
dc.contributor.authorSadrzadeh, Mehrnoosh
dc.description.abstractDisCoCat refers to the Categorical compositional distributional model of natural language, which combines the statistical vector space models of words with the compositional logic-based models of grammar. It is fair to say that despite existing work on incorporating notions of entailment, quantification, and coordination in this setting, a uniform modelling of logical operations is still an open problem. In this report, we take a step towards an answer. We show how one can generalise our previous DisCoCat model of generalised quantifiers from category of sets and relations to category of sets and many valued rations. As a result, we get a fuzzy version of these quantifiers. Our aim is to extend this model to all other logical connectives and develop a fuzzy logic for DisCoCat. The main contributions are showing that category of many valued relations is compact closed, defining appropriate bialgebra structures over it, and demonstrating how one can compute within this setting many valued meanings for quantified sentences.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipEPSRC Career Acceleration Fellowship EP/J002607/2en_US
dc.rightsCC0 1.0 Universal*
dc.subjectNatural language, Many valued relations, Vector space semantics, Categorical compositional distributional semanticsen_US
dc.titleMany Valued Generalised Quantifiers for Natural Language in the DisCoCat Modelen_US
dc.typeTechnical Reporten_US

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CC0 1.0 Universal
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