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dc.contributor.authorPoplawska, Elzbieta
dc.identifier.citationPoplawska, E. 2015. Study of the neutral current interaction with a 0 in the nal state in the ND280 detector of the T2K experiment. Queen Mary University of Londonen_US
dc.description.abstractThe Tokai to Kamioka (T2K) experiment is designed to detect ! e appearance for the rst time from accelerator generated neutrinos and measure neutrino oscillation parameters. The most intense accelerator muon neutrino beam ever built is produced at the J-PARC facility on the East coast of Japan, and sent 2.5 o -axis toward the Super-Kamiokande water Cherenkov detector. The main background for the recent appearance analysis comes from neutral current 1 0 interaction, accounting for 23% of the background events. In addition, the near detector (ND280) has been built to serve the requirement to provide high accuracy beam characteristics and background studies by measuring a number of neutrino cross-sections. In this thesis the NC1 0 channel studies at the near detector ND280 is performed. The studies aim to develop the NC1 0 event selection to single out the muon neutrino induced NC1 0 interactions in the P D ( 0 Detector) sub- detector, where one 0 decay gamma converts in the P D and the second gamma converts in the P D-ECal ( 0 Electromagnetic Calorimeter) sub-detector. The used data sample was collected during Runs II,III and IV, consisting of a total of 6:2 1020 POT. Simulated events are generated with the NEUT MC to eval- uate backgrounds and estimate the selection effi ciency. The studies have been performed for the two P D confi gurations: fi lled with water and without water.The fi rst approach to the usage of P D-ECal sub-detector in the NC1 0 channel studies showed that further improvements on the P D-ECal reconstruction and matching between the P D and P D-ECal is required. However, as a result of the performed analysis the total e ciency of 3.0% (4.0%) and purity of 17.7% (16.4%) is obtained for the P D fi lled with water (without water) con guration. Finally, after selection, 68 8:2 (stat) (107 10:3 (stat)) events passed all the requirements for the P D fi lled with (without) water. The developed selection lay the groundwork for the future measurement of the NC1 0 cross-section for the events induced by neutrinos interacting in the P D sub-detector and systematic errors evaluation, using larger data sets. As for now, the systematic uncertainties are a subject of a discussion in this thesis.
dc.publisherQueen Mary University of Londonen_US
dc.subjectT2K experimenten_US
dc.titleStudy of the neutral current interaction with a 0 in the nal state in the ND280 detector of the T2K experimenten_US
dc.rights.holderThe copyright of this thesis rests with the author and no quotation from it or information derived from it may be published without the prior written consent of the author

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