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  • Learning lessons: how to practice nudging around the world 

    Osman, M; Radford, S; Lin, Y; Gold, N; Nelson, W; Löfstedt, R (Taylor and Francis, 2018-09)
    The aim of this article is to cover three things: (1) to introduce the context behind why a report prepared by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) in 2017 would be of such importance to ...
  • Challenges of developing and conducting an international study of resilience in migrant adolescents 

    Hadfield, K; Ungar, M; Emond, A; Foster, K; Gatt, JM; Mason-Jones, A; Reid, S; Theron, L; Wouldes, T; Wu, Q (2018-08)
    © The Author(s) 2018. The sequelae of migration and the effects of local migration policies on children’s physical and mental health are critical to examine, particularly given the historically high numbers of migrants and ...
  • Population based evaluation of actin cytoskeletal morphometric descriptors as characterisation of stem cell differentiation 

    Dodhy, Asad (Queen Mary University of London, 2018-09-14)
    Stem cells have yet to contribute to their full potential in the field of regenerative medicine and further understanding of the underlying kinetics of cell differentiation could be the step forward. Various methods have ...
  • Deep Neural Networks for Music Tagging 

    Choi, Keunwoo (Queen Mary University of London, 2018-09-19)
    In this thesis, I present my hypothesis, experiment results, and discussion that are related to various aspects of deep neural networks for music tagging. Music tagging is a task to automatically predict the suitable ...
  • The Role of Dlk1 in in vivo Adipogenesis 

    Cassidy, Fearon (Queen Mary University of London, 2018-09-25)
    Misregulation of Dlk1, a paternally expressed imprinted gene, is known to cause adipose phenotypes in both mice and humans. It is now known that the type of fat a person has, the location of and type of expansion are all ...
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