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    • Combined novel approaches to the microscopic study of the dental implant site 

      Wong, K; DAVIS, GR; BOYDE, A; ICOI Summer Implant Symposium Knowledge Above Opinion (2015-08-14)
      Poster from ICOI Summer Implant Symposium Knowledge Above Opinion. 14 Aug 2015. MATERIAL: We studied trephine core samples taken from 252 sites where implants were to be placed in a series of 35 patients from KW's practice: ...
    • High-pressure mercury intrusion for BSE-SEM and XMT histology. 

      Boyde, A; MILLS, D; British Society for Oral and Dental Research Conference (BSODR and QMUL, 2023-09-08)
      Objectives. Mercury intrusion under very high pressures is used to study the distributions of dimensions of pores in permeable solids. We noted that archival calcified tissue samples which had been tested to 750 bar were ...