Recent Submissions

  • Charge transport by holographic Fermi surfaces 

    Faulkner, T; Iqbal, N; Liu, H; McGreevy, J; Vegh, D (American Physical Society, 2013-08)
    We compute the contribution to the conductivity from holographic Fermi surfaces obtained from probe fermions in an AdS charged black hole. This requires calculating a certain part of the one-loop correction to a vector ...
  • Asymptotically-flat supergravity solutions deep inside the black-hole regime 

    Bena, I; Giusto, S; Martinec, EJ; Russo, R; Shigemori, M; Turton, D; Warner, NP (Springer, 2018-02-01)
    We construct an infinite family of smooth asymptotically-flat supergravity solutions that have the same charges and angular momenta as general supersymmetric D1-D5-P black holes, but have no horizon. These solutions resemble ...
  • The double copy: gravity from gluons 

    White, CD (Taylor and Francis, 2018-01)
    Three of the four fundamental forces in nature are described by so-called gauge theories, which include the effects of both relativity and quantum mechanics. Gravity, on the other hand, is described by General Relativity, ...
  • Wilson Lines and Webs in Higher-Order QCD 

    White, CD (Springer, 2018-02)
    Wilson lines have a number of uses in non-abelian gauge theories. A topical example in QCD is the description of radiation in the soft or collinear limit, which must often be resummed to all orders in perturbation theory. ...
  • Search for new phenomena in high-mass diphoton final states using 37 fb<sup>−1</sup>of proton–proton collisions collected at s=13 TeV with the ATLAS detector 

    Aaboud, M; Aad, G; Abbott, B; Abdinov, O; Abeloos, B; Abidi, SH; AbouZeid, OS; Abraham, NL; Abramowicz, H; Abreu, H;... (Elsevier, 2017-12-10)
    Searches for new phenomena in high-mass diphoton final states with the ATLAS experiment at the LHC are presented. The analysis is based on pp collision data corresponding to an integrated luminosity of 36.7 fb −1 at a ...
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