Recent Submissions

  • The Determination of Love 

    BRADY, A (The British Academy, 2017-11-16)
    This essay explores love poetry in its most militant and perverse forms. It examines three ‘determinations’ of love: first, how love is defined (determined), given that true love always feels new and singular, but language ...
  • ‘Immaterial Labour and the Work of Modernist Literature’, 

    SHIACH, ME (Palgrave Macmillan, 2018-05-12)
    This chapter draws on the concept of ‘immaterial labour’ to explore two key questions: ‘What is the work of literature?’ and ‘How might literary writing best be theorised as “work”?’ The activity of literary writing has ...
  • Geologic Explusions 

    YUSOFF, K (Monash University Musuem of Art, 2016)
  • Fire 

    YUSOFF, K (Zed Books Ltd., 2016-11-05)
    These essays tell us how he succeeded in that task.’ Arundhati Roy In this collection of essays on the work of, and conversations with, John Berger, thirty-seven of his friends, artistic collaborators and followers come ...
  • The Author as Arsonist: Henry James and the Paris Commune 

    McCracken, S (John Hopkins University Press, 2014-01)
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