Recent Submissions

  • The post-romantic syndrome: Reflections on work, wealth, and trade from Adam Müller to Ernst Jünger 

    Tihanov, G (Slovenian Comparative Literature Association, 2016)
    The article presents an original, innovative and interdisciplinary contribution to intellectual history. It examines the intersections between economic and political thought, social philosophy, and aesthetics and literature ...
  • Indeterminate Subjects, Irreducible Worlds: Two Economies of Indeterminacy 

    YUSOFF, K (SAGE Publications, 2017-07-31)
    Lodged in an impasse between questions of environmental justice and modes of capitalisation in the green economy, indeterminacy is a vulnerable and porous relation. Pollution activates a potentiality in the organism to be ...
  • Indeterminate bodies 

    YUSOFF, K; Waterton, C (SAGE Publications, 2017-08-02)
    Indeterminate Bodies organizes a number of theoretical and empirical studies around the concept and actuality of indeterminacy, as it relates to body and society. Located within the struggle to apprehend different categories ...
  • Washes and Hues: Reading for Colour in Marie NDiaye 

    JORDAN, SA (Oxford University Press (OUP): Policy E - Oxford Open Option D, 2018)
    This article analyses Marie NDiaye’s experimentation with colour and colour values, and argues that she sets out to unsettle the way we think about colour. For the main part colour — and indeed colour blindness — in the ...
  • The topography of masculine normativities in South Africa 

    LEV-ON, EM; Milani, TM; Kitis, ED (Routledge, 2017-03-16)
    In this paper, we examine representations of masculinity in the English-language South African print media. Using both quantitative and qualitative techniques to interrogate a large corpus (18 million words) of English-language ...
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