The History of Modern Biomedicine Research Group originated as the Wellcome Trust's "History of Twentieth Century Medicine Group", set up in 1990 to develop and strengthen links between members of the biomedical research community and medical historians, and to promote and facilitate the study of the history of twentieth-century medicine and medical science by encouraging the creation of material sources for use by present and future historians.

The current digital collection comprises the photos generated during the Witness Seminars organized by the Group, and has been curated by Ms Caroline Overy, Professor Tilli Tansey, Mr Adam Wilkinson, Mr Alan Yabsley and Dr Apostolos Zarros. The entries have been linked to the respective Witness Seminar transcripts (also hosted on QMRO) and legends to the photos can be found in each entry (as "Legends to the photos" files).

The History of Modern Biomedicine Research Group is funded by the Wellcome Trust, which is a registered charity (no. 210183).


Contents (last update: 19-Jun-2017):

--- total entries: 64

--- photo files: 1,365


Please cite as: Overy C, Tansey E M, Wilkinson A, Yabsley A, Zarros A. (curators) (2017) History of Modern Biomedicine Witness Seminars (Photo Collection). In: Queen Mary Research Online. London: Queen Mary University of London.


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