Recent Submissions

  • Improving ascertainment and treatment rates of chronic viral hepatitis 

    Lewis, Heather Ilona (Queen Mary University of London, 2017)
    Introduction and aims: In the United Kingdom hepatitis B virus (HBV) and hepatitis C virus (HCV) disproportionately affect migrants and people who inject drugs (PWID). Ascertainment rates of HBV and HCV are 10-40% and ...
  • The structure and dynamics of multiplex networks 

    Battiston, Federico (Queen Mary University of London, 2017-10-04)
    Network science has provided useful answers to research questions in many fields, from biology to social science, from ecology to urban science. The first analyses of networked systems focused on binary networks, where ...
  • Trademark Enforcement through Border Measures: The Case of the Gulf Cooperation Council States (GCC) 

    Alfadhel, Lolwa Naser Mohamed (Queen Mary University of London, 2017-10-23)
    Trademarks are a valuable asset of a business and play a crucial role with regards to the quality of goods and its reputation, however, the rise in counterfeiting activities is undermining those benefits. Counterfeiting ...

    Beshears, Anne (Queen Mary University of London, 2017-10-13)
    One of the main features of the correlative construction is the necessity of an appropriate correlate (either a demonstrative or a pronoun) in the main clause. While the syntactic features of the correlative construction ...
  • In vivo and in vitro studies on docosahexaenoic acid in traumatic brain injury 

    Angus, Ruth (Queen Mary University of London, 2017-11-07)
    Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is a devastating disease causing disability and death, and currently there are no effective treatments available. Therefore, there is an utmost need to improve our understanding of the ...
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