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dc.contributor.authorHaque, Mohammed Fazlul
dc.description.abstractBackground: Oral pain has been reported to prevent successful tobacco cessation in Bangladeshi paan tobacco chewers. Aim: to investigate oral pain associated with paan tobacco chewing cessation. Objectives: to identify and assess the impact and association of predictors of oral pain with paan tobacco cessation. Methods: This prospective cohort study recruited UK resident adult Bangladeshi women. Socio-demographic, social capital, general and oral health condition, tobacco use, dependence and cessation data were analysed in four study groups; 1) oral pain at baseline, 2) continued oral pain 3) onset of oral pain during follow-up and 4) at study completion. Results: 150 participants (mean age 51, range 24-84 years) completed the study. Most (92%) were never employed, had no formal education (59%) and chewed both zarda and tobacco leaf (69%). Participants who chewed more paan tobacco (OR 2.270, 95% CI; 1.980-5.258), were anxious when going without paan tobacco (OR 1.908, 95% CI: 1.728-4.995) with dental calculus (OR 3.350, 95% CI; 1.716-15.680) and no completed formal education (OR 3.349, 95% CI; 1.395-8.039) reported baseline oral pain. Oral debris (OR 3.963, 95% CI; 1.045-15.031) and no completed formal education (OR 2.524, 95% CI; 1.866-7.359) predicted continued oral pain. Successful quitters at study completion (OR 4.213, 95% CI; 1.509-13.863) quitting with behavioural support alone (OR 2.932, 95% CI; 1.635-5.873) with tooth erosion (OR 3.880, 95% CI; 1.248-12.061) predicted onset of oral pain. Successful quitters (OR 2.497, 95% CI: 1.603-3.715) quitting with behavioural support alone (OR 2.139, 95% CI; 1.872-5.248) with filled teeth (OR 3.166, 95% CI; 1.826-12.134), tooth erosion (OR 2.849, 95% CI; 1.029-7.892) and living in a low status neighbourhood (OR 4.551, 95% CI; 1.068-19.398) predicted oral pain at study completion. Conclusions: Predictors of oral pain for all four study groups were multi-factorial, including lifestyle and behavioural factors, tobacco dependence and cessation, sociodemographics and oral clinical condition.en_US
dc.titleOral pain after stopping tobacco use : a prospective study on the relationship of predictors of oral pain with paan tobacco chewing and cessation in UK resident Bangladeshi adult womenen_US
dc.rights.holderThe copyright of this thesis rests with the author and no quotation from it or information derived from it may be published without the prior written consent of the author

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