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    • AIP and the somatostatin system in pituitary tumours. 

      Ibáñez-Costa, A; Korbonits, M (2017-12)
      Classic somatostatin analogues aimed at somatostatin receptor type 2, such as octreotide and lanreotide, represent the mainstay of medical treatment for acromegaly. These agents have the potential to decrease hormone ...
    • Patient-reported outcomes of parenteral somatostatin analogue injections in 195 patients with acromegaly. 

      Strasburger, CJ; Karavitaki, N; Störmann, S; Trainer, PJ; Kreitschmann-Andermahr, I; Droste, M; Korbonits, M; Feldmann, B; Zopf, K; Sanderson, VF (2016-03)
      BACKGROUND: Long-acting somatostatin analogues delivered parenterally are the most widely used medical treatment in acromegaly. This patient-reported outcomes survey was designed to assess the impact of chronic injections ...