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  • Prognosis of undiagnosed chest pain: linked electronic health record cohort study. 

    Jordan, KP; Timmis, A; Croft, P; van der Windt, DA; Denaxas, S; González-Izquierdo, A; Hayward, RA; Perel, P; Hemingway, H (BMJ Publishing Group Ltd, 2017-04-03)
    Objective To ascertain long term cardiovascular outcomes in patients whose chest pain remained undiagnosed six months after first presentation.Design Cohort study.Setting UK electronic health record database (CALIBER) ...
  • Resolvins suppress tumor growth and enhance cancer therapy. 

    Sulciner, ML; Serhan, CN; Gilligan, MM; Mudge, DK; Chang, J; Gartung, A; Lehner, KA; Bielenberg, DR; Schmidt, B; Dalli, J;... (Rockefeller University Press, 2017-11-30)
    Cancer therapy reduces tumor burden by killing tumor cells, yet it simultaneously creates tumor cell debris that may stimulate inflammation and tumor growth. Thus, conventional cancer therapy is inherently a double-edged ...
  • Pro-Resolving Mediators in Regulating and Conferring Macrophage Function. 

    Dalli, J; Serhan, CN (Frontiers Media, 2017-11-01)
    Macrophages are central in coordinating the host response to both sterile and infective insults. Clearance of apoptotic cells and cellular debris is a key biological action preformed by macrophages that paves the way to ...
  • Prolonged immune alteration following resolution of acute inflammation in humans. 

    Motwani, MP; Newson, J; Kwong, S; Richard-Loendt, A; Colas, R; Dalli, J; Gilroy, DW (Public Library of Science, 2017-10-26)
    Acute inflammation is an immediate response to infection and injury characterised by the influx of granulocytes followed by phagocytosing mononuclear phagocytes. Provided the antigen is cleared and the immune system of the ...
  • Symmetric molecules with 1,4-triazole moieties as potent inhibitors of tumour-associated lactate dehydrogenase-A 

    El Shikh, M (Informa UK Limited, 2017-12-04)
    A series of symmetric molecules incorporating aryl or pyridyl moieties as central core and 1,4-substituted triazoles as a side bridge was synthesised. The new compounds were investigated as lactate dehydro-genase (LDH, EC ...
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