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    • (l) as a sociolinguistic variable in Francoprovençal 

      KASSTAN, JR; Müller, D
      This article argues for (l) as a sociolinguistic variable in Francoprovençal: (l) refers to variable palatalisation of /l/ in obstruent+lateral onset clusters (/kl, ɡl, pl, bl, fl/), a feature that has long been the subject ...
    • An overview of Francoprovençal vitality in Europe and North America 

      KASSTAN, JR; Zulato, A; Nagy, N
      We review the current status of Francoprovençal (FP) in all regions where it is spoken. This article is the first of its kind, in that it reports on FP in both Europe and North America (for the latter this is the first ...