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    • xDGP: A Dynamic Graph Processing System with Adaptive Partitioning 

      Vaquero, L; Cuadrado, F; Logothetis, D; Martella, C
      Many real-world systems, such as social networks, rely on mining efficiently large graphs, with hundreds of millions of vertices and edges. This volume of information requires partitioning the graph across multiple nodes ...
    • The Z Property 

      NAGELE, J; Felgenhauer, B; van Oostrom, V; Sternagel, C (2016-06-30)
      We formalize the Z property introduced by Dehornoy and van Oostrom. First we show that for any abstract rewrite system, Z implies confluence. Then we give two examples of proofs using Z: confluence of lambda-calculus with ...
    • The Zero-Sum Fallacy in Evidence Evaluation. 

      Pilditch, TD; Fenton, N; Lagnado, D (SAGE, 2018-12-31)
      There are many instances, both in professional domains such as law, forensics, and medicine and in everyday life, in which an effect (e.g., a piece of evidence or event) has multiple possible causes. In three experiments, ...