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dc.contributor.authorAaboud, M
dc.contributor.authorAad, G
dc.contributor.authorAbbott, B
dc.contributor.authorAbdallah, J
dc.contributor.authorAbdinov, O
dc.contributor.authorAbeloos, B
dc.contributor.authorAbidi, SH
dc.contributor.authorAbouZeid, OS
dc.contributor.authorAbraham, NL
dc.contributor.authorAbramowicz, H
dc.contributor.authorAbreu, H
dc.contributor.authorAbreu, R
dc.contributor.authorAbulaiti, Y
dc.contributor.authorAcharya, BS
dc.contributor.authorAdachi, S
dc.contributor.authorAdamczyk, L
dc.contributor.authorAdams, DL
dc.contributor.authorAdelman, J
dc.contributor.authorAdersberger, M
dc.contributor.authorAdye, T
dc.contributor.authorAffolder, AA
dc.contributor.authorAgatonovic-Jovin, T
dc.contributor.authorAgheorghiesei, C
dc.contributor.authorAguilar-Saavedra, JA
dc.contributor.authorAhlen, SP
dc.contributor.authorAhmadov, F
dc.contributor.authorAielli, G
dc.contributor.authorAkatsuka, S
dc.contributor.authorAkerstedt, H
dc.contributor.authorAkesson, TPA
dc.contributor.authorAkimov, AV
dc.contributor.authorAlberghi, GL
dc.contributor.authorAlbert, J
dc.contributor.authorAlconada Verzini, MJ
dc.contributor.authorAleksa, M
dc.contributor.authorAleksandrov, IN
dc.contributor.authorAlexa, C
dc.contributor.authorAlexander, G
dc.contributor.authorAlexopoulos, T
dc.contributor.authorAlhroob, M
dc.contributor.authorAli, B
dc.contributor.authorAliev, M
dc.contributor.authorAlimonti, G
dc.contributor.authorAlison, J
dc.contributor.authorAlkire, SP
dc.contributor.authorAllbrooke, BMM
dc.contributor.authorAllen, BW
dc.contributor.authorAllport, PP
dc.contributor.authorAloisio, A
dc.contributor.authorAlonso, A
dc.contributor.authorAlonso, F
dc.contributor.authorAlpigiani, C
dc.contributor.authorAlshehri, AA
dc.contributor.authorAlstaty, M
dc.contributor.authorGonzalez, BA
dc.contributor.authorAlvarez Piqueras, D
dc.contributor.authorAlviggi, MG
dc.contributor.authorAmadio, BT
dc.contributor.authorCoutinho, YA
dc.contributor.authorAmelung, C
dc.contributor.authorAmidei, D
dc.contributor.authorAmor Dos Santos, SP
dc.contributor.authorAmorim, A
dc.contributor.authorAmoroso, S
dc.contributor.authorAmundsen, G
dc.contributor.authorAnastopoulos, C
dc.contributor.authorAncu, LS
dc.contributor.authorAndari, N
dc.contributor.authorAndeen, T
dc.contributor.authorAnders, CF
dc.contributor.authorAnders, JK
dc.contributor.authorAnderson, KJ
dc.contributor.authorAndreazza, A
dc.contributor.authorAndrei, V
dc.contributor.authorAngelidakis, S
dc.contributor.authorAngelozzi, I
dc.contributor.authorAngerami, A
dc.contributor.authorAnghinolfi, F
dc.contributor.authorAnisenkov, AV
dc.contributor.authorAnjos, N
dc.contributor.authorAnnovi, A
dc.contributor.authorAntel, C
dc.contributor.authorAntonelli, M
dc.contributor.authorAntonov, A
dc.contributor.authorAntrim, DJ
dc.contributor.authorAnullia, F
dc.contributor.authorAoki, M
dc.contributor.authorBella, LA
dc.contributor.authorArabidze, G
dc.contributor.authorArai, Y
dc.contributor.authorAraque, JP
dc.contributor.authorFerraz, VA
dc.contributor.authorArce, ATH
dc.contributor.authorArdell, RE
dc.contributor.authorArduh, FA
dc.contributor.authorArguin, J-F
dc.contributor.authorArgyropoulos, S
dc.contributor.authorArik, M
dc.contributor.authorArmbruster, AJ
dc.contributor.authorArmitage, LJ
dc.contributor.authorArnaez, O
dc.contributor.authorArnold, H
dc.contributor.authorArratia, M
dc.contributor.authorArslan, O
dc.contributor.authorArtamonov, A
dc.contributor.authorArtoni, G
dc.contributor.authorArtz, S
dc.contributor.authorAsai, S
dc.contributor.authorAsbah, N
dc.contributor.authorAshkenazi, A
dc.contributor.authorAsquith, L
dc.contributor.authorAssamagan, K
dc.contributor.authorAstalos, R
dc.contributor.authorAtkinson, M
dc.contributor.authorAtlay, NB
dc.contributor.authorAugsten, K
dc.contributor.authorAvolio, G
dc.contributor.authorAxen, B
dc.contributor.authorAyoub, MK
dc.contributor.authorAzuelos, G
dc.contributor.authorBaas, AE
dc.contributor.authorBaca, MJ
dc.contributor.authorBachacou, H
dc.contributor.authorBachas, K
dc.contributor.authorBackes, M
dc.contributor.authorBackhaus, M
dc.contributor.authorBagiacchi, P
dc.contributor.authorBagnaia, P
dc.contributor.authorBaines, JT
dc.contributor.authorBajic, M
dc.contributor.authorBaker, OK
dc.contributor.authorBaldin, EM
dc.contributor.authorBalek, P
dc.contributor.authorBalestri, T
dc.contributor.authorBalli, F
dc.contributor.authorBalunas, WK
dc.contributor.authorBanas, E
dc.contributor.authorBanerjee, S
dc.contributor.authorBannoura, AAE
dc.contributor.authorBarak, L
dc.contributor.authorBarberio, EL
dc.contributor.authorBarberis, D
dc.contributor.authorBarbero, M
dc.contributor.authorBarillari, T
dc.contributor.authorBarisits, M-S
dc.contributor.authorBarklow, T
dc.contributor.authorBarlow, N
dc.contributor.authorBarnes, SL
dc.contributor.authorBarnett, BM
dc.contributor.authorBarnett, RM
dc.contributor.authorBarnovska-Blenessy, Z
dc.contributor.authorBaroncelli, A
dc.contributor.authorBarone, G
dc.contributor.authorBarr, AJ
dc.contributor.authorBarranco Navarro, L
dc.contributor.authorBarreiro, F
dc.contributor.authorda Costa, JBG
dc.contributor.authorBartoldus, R
dc.contributor.authorBarton, AE
dc.contributor.authorBartos, P
dc.contributor.authorBasalaev, A
dc.contributor.authorBassalat, A
dc.contributor.authorBates, RL
dc.contributor.authorBatista, SJ
dc.contributor.authorBatley, JR
dc.contributor.authorBattaglia, M
dc.contributor.authorBauce, M
dc.contributor.authorBauer, F
dc.contributor.authorBawa, HS
dc.contributor.authorBeacham, JB
dc.contributor.authorBeattie, MD
dc.contributor.authorBeau, T
dc.contributor.authorBeauchemin, PH
dc.contributor.authorBechtle, P
dc.contributor.authorBeck, HP
dc.contributor.authorBecker, K
dc.contributor.authorBecker, M
dc.contributor.authorBeckingham, M
dc.contributor.authorBecot, C
dc.contributor.authorBeddall, AJ
dc.contributor.authorBeddall, A
dc.contributor.authorBednyakov, VA
dc.contributor.authorBedognetti, M
dc.contributor.authorBee, CP
dc.contributor.authorBeermann, TA
dc.contributor.authorBegalli, M
dc.contributor.authorBegel, M
dc.contributor.authorBehr, JK
dc.contributor.authorBell, AS
dc.contributor.authorBella, G
dc.contributor.authorBellagamba, L
dc.contributor.authorBellerive, A
dc.contributor.authorBellomo, M
dc.contributor.authorBelotskiy, K
dc.contributor.authorBeltramello, O
dc.contributor.authorBelyaev, NL
dc.contributor.authorBenary, O
dc.contributor.authorBenchekroun, D
dc.contributor.authorBender, M
dc.contributor.authorBendtz, K
dc.contributor.authorBenekos, N
dc.contributor.authorBenhammou, Y
dc.contributor.authorNoccioli, EB
dc.contributor.authorBenitez, J
dc.contributor.authorBenjamin, DP
dc.contributor.authorBenoit, M
dc.contributor.authorBensinger, JR
dc.contributor.authorBentvelsen, S
dc.contributor.authorBeresford, L
dc.contributor.authorBeretta, M
dc.contributor.authorBerge, D
dc.contributor.authorKuutmann, EB
dc.contributor.authorBerger, N
dc.contributor.authorBeringer, J
dc.contributor.authorBerlendis, S
dc.contributor.authorBernard, NR
dc.contributor.authorBernardi, G
dc.contributor.authorBernius, C
dc.contributor.authorBernlochner, FU
dc.contributor.authorBerry, T
dc.contributor.authorBerta, P
dc.contributor.authorBertella, C
dc.contributor.authorBertoli, G
dc.contributor.authorBertolucci, F
dc.contributor.authorBertram, IA
dc.contributor.authorBertsche, C
dc.contributor.authorBertsche, D
dc.contributor.authorBesjes, GJ
dc.contributor.authorBylunda, OB
dc.contributor.authorBessner, M
dc.contributor.authorBesson, N
dc.contributor.authorBetancourt, C
dc.contributor.authorBethani, A
dc.contributor.authorBethke, S
dc.contributor.authorBevan, AJ
dc.contributor.authorBianchi, RM
dc.contributor.authorBianco, M
dc.contributor.authorBiebel, O
dc.contributor.authorBiedermann, D
dc.contributor.authorBielski, R
dc.contributor.authorBiesuz, NV
dc.contributor.authorBiglietti, M
dc.contributor.authorDe Mendizabal, JB
dc.contributor.authorBilloud, TRV
dc.contributor.authorBilokon, H
dc.contributor.authorBindi, M
dc.contributor.authorBingul, A
dc.contributor.authorBini, C
dc.contributor.authorBiondi, S
dc.contributor.authorBisanz, T
dc.contributor.authorBittrich, C
dc.contributor.authorBjergaard, DM
dc.contributor.authorBlack, CW
dc.contributor.authorBlack, JE
dc.contributor.authorBlack, KM
dc.contributor.authorBlackburn, D
dc.contributor.authorBlair, RE
dc.contributor.authorBlazek, T
dc.contributor.authorBloch, I
dc.contributor.authorBlocker, C
dc.contributor.authorBlue, A
dc.contributor.authorBlum, W
dc.contributor.authorBlumenschein, U
dc.contributor.authorBlunier, S
dc.contributor.authorBobbink, GJ
dc.contributor.authorBobrovnikov, VS
dc.contributor.authorBocchetta, SS
dc.contributor.authorBocci, A
dc.contributor.authorBock, C
dc.contributor.authorBoehler, M
dc.contributor.authorBoerner, D
dc.contributor.authorBogavac, D
dc.contributor.authorBogdanchikov, AG
dc.contributor.authorBohm, C
dc.contributor.authorBoisvert, V
dc.contributor.authorBokan, P
dc.contributor.authorBold, T
dc.contributor.authorBoldyrev, AS
dc.contributor.authorBomben, M
dc.contributor.authorBona, M
dc.contributor.authorBoonekamp, M
dc.contributor.authorBorisov, A
dc.contributor.authorBorissov, G
dc.contributor.authorBortfeldt, J
dc.contributor.authorBortoletto, D
dc.contributor.authorBortolotto, V
dc.contributor.authorBoscherini, D
dc.contributor.authorBosman, M
dc.contributor.authorBossio Sola, JD
dc.contributor.authorBoudreau, J
dc.contributor.authorBouffard, J
dc.contributor.authorBouhova-Thacker, EV
dc.contributor.authorBoumediene, D
dc.contributor.authorBourdarios, C
dc.contributor.authorBoutle, SK
dc.contributor.authorBoveia, A
dc.contributor.authorBoyd, J
dc.contributor.authorBoyko, IR
dc.contributor.authorBracinik, J
dc.contributor.authorBrandt, A
dc.contributor.authorBrandt, G
dc.contributor.authorBrandt, O
dc.contributor.authorBratzler, U
dc.contributor.authorBrau, B
dc.contributor.authorBrau, JE
dc.contributor.authorMadden, WDB
dc.contributor.authorBrendlinger, K
dc.contributor.authorBrennan, AJ
dc.contributor.authorBrenner, L
dc.contributor.authorBrenner, R
dc.contributor.authorBressler, S
dc.contributor.authorBriglin, DL
dc.contributor.authorBristow, TM
dc.contributor.authorBritton, D
dc.contributor.authorBritzger, D
dc.contributor.authorBrochu, FM
dc.contributor.authorBrock, I
dc.contributor.authorBrock, R
dc.contributor.authorBrooijmans, G
dc.contributor.authorBrooks, T
dc.contributor.authorBrooks, WK
dc.contributor.authorBrosamer, J
dc.contributor.authorBrost, E
dc.contributor.authorBroughton, JH
dc.contributor.authorde Renstrom, PAB
dc.contributor.authorBruncko, D
dc.contributor.authorBruni, A
dc.contributor.authorBruni, G
dc.contributor.authorBruni, LS
dc.contributor.authorBrunt, BH
dc.contributor.authorBruschi, M
dc.contributor.authorBruscino, N
dc.contributor.authorBryant, P
dc.contributor.authorBryngemark, L
dc.contributor.authorBuanes, T
dc.contributor.authorBuat, Q
dc.contributor.authorBuchholz, P
dc.contributor.authorBuckley, AG
dc.contributor.authorBudagov, IA
dc.contributor.authorBuehrer, F
dc.contributor.authorBugge, MK
dc.contributor.authorBulekov, O
dc.contributor.authorBullock, D
dc.contributor.authorBurckhart, H
dc.contributor.authorBurdin, S
dc.contributor.authorBurgard, CD
dc.contributor.authorBurger, AM
dc.contributor.authorBurghgrave, B
dc.contributor.authorBurka, K
dc.contributor.authorBurke, S
dc.contributor.authorBurmeister, I
dc.contributor.authorBurr, JTP
dc.contributor.authorBusato, E
dc.contributor.authorBuescher, D
dc.contributor.authorBuescher, V
dc.contributor.authorBussey, P
dc.contributor.authorButler, JM
dc.contributor.authorButtar, CM
dc.contributor.authorButterworth, JM
dc.contributor.authorButti, P
dc.contributor.authorButtinger, W
dc.contributor.authorBuzatu, A
dc.contributor.authorBuzykaev, AR
dc.contributor.authorCabrera Urban, S
dc.contributor.authorCaforio, D
dc.contributor.authorCairo, VM
dc.contributor.authorCakir, O
dc.contributor.authorCalace, N
dc.contributor.authorCalafiura, P
dc.contributor.authorCalandri, A
dc.contributor.authorCalderini, G
dc.contributor.authorCalfayan, P
dc.contributor.authorCallea, G
dc.contributor.authorCaloba, LP
dc.contributor.authorCalvente Lopez, S
dc.contributor.authorCalvet, D
dc.contributor.authorCalvet, S
dc.contributor.authorCalvet, TP
dc.contributor.authorToro, RC
dc.contributor.authorCamarda, S
dc.contributor.authorCamarri, P
dc.contributor.authorCameron, D
dc.contributor.authorArmadans, RC
dc.contributor.authorCamincher, C
dc.contributor.authorCampana, S
dc.contributor.authorCampanelli, M
dc.contributor.authorCamplani, A
dc.contributor.authorCampoverde, A
dc.contributor.authorCanale, V
dc.contributor.authorBret, MC
dc.contributor.authorCantero, J
dc.contributor.authorCao, T
dc.contributor.authorGarrido, MDMC
dc.contributor.authorCaprini, I
dc.contributor.authorCaprini, M
dc.contributor.authorCapua, M
dc.contributor.authorCarbone, RM
dc.contributor.authorCardarelli, R
dc.contributor.authorCardillo, F
dc.contributor.authorCarli, I
dc.contributor.authorCarli, T
dc.contributor.authorCarlino, G
dc.contributor.authorCarlson, BT
dc.contributor.authorCarminati, L
dc.contributor.authorCarney, RMD
dc.contributor.authorCaron, S
dc.contributor.authorCarquin, E
dc.contributor.authorCarrillo-Montoya, GD
dc.contributor.authorCarvalho, J
dc.contributor.authorCasadei, D
dc.contributor.authorCasado, MP
dc.contributor.authorCasolino, M
dc.contributor.authorCasper, DW
dc.contributor.authorCastelijn, R
dc.contributor.authorCastelli, A
dc.contributor.authorCastillo Gimenez, V
dc.contributor.authorCastro, NF
dc.contributor.authorCatinaccio, A
dc.contributor.authorCatmore, JR
dc.contributor.authorCattai, A
dc.contributor.authorCaudron, J
dc.contributor.authorCavaliere, V
dc.contributor.authorCavallaro, E
dc.contributor.authorCavalli, D
dc.contributor.authorCavalli-Sforza, M
dc.contributor.authorCavasinni, V
dc.contributor.authorCelebi, E
dc.contributor.authorCeradini, F
dc.contributor.authorCerda Alberich, L
dc.contributor.authorCerqueira, AS
dc.contributor.authorCerri, A
dc.contributor.authorCerrito, L
dc.contributor.authorCerutti, F
dc.contributor.authorCervelli, A
dc.contributor.authorCetin, SA
dc.contributor.authorChafaq, A
dc.contributor.authorChakraborty, D
dc.contributor.authorChan, SK
dc.contributor.authorChan, WS
dc.contributor.authorChan, YL
dc.contributor.authorChang, P
dc.contributor.authorChapman, JD
dc.contributor.authorCharlton, DG
dc.contributor.authorChatterjee, A
dc.contributor.authorChau, CC
dc.contributor.authorBarajas, CAC
dc.contributor.authorChe, S
dc.contributor.authorCheatham, S
dc.contributor.authorChegwidden, A
dc.contributor.authorChekanov, S
dc.contributor.authorChekulaev, SV
dc.contributor.authorChelkov, GA
dc.contributor.authorChelstowska, MA
dc.contributor.authorChen, C
dc.contributor.authorChen, H
dc.contributor.authorChen, S
dc.contributor.authorChen, S
dc.contributor.authorChen, X
dc.contributor.authorChen, Y
dc.contributor.authorCheng, HC
dc.contributor.authorCheng, HJ
dc.contributor.authorCheng, Y
dc.contributor.authorCheplakov, A
dc.contributor.authorCheremushkina, E
dc.contributor.authorCherkaoui El Moursli, R
dc.contributor.authorChernyatin, V
dc.contributor.authorCheu, E
dc.contributor.authorChevalier, L
dc.contributor.authorChiarella, V
dc.contributor.authorChiarelli, G
dc.contributor.authorChiodini, G
dc.contributor.authorChisholm, AS
dc.contributor.authorChitan, A
dc.contributor.authorChiu, YH
dc.contributor.authorChizhov, MV
dc.contributor.authorChoi, K
dc.contributor.authorChomont, AR
dc.contributor.authorChouridou, S
dc.contributor.authorChow, BKB
dc.contributor.authorChristodoulou, V
dc.contributor.authorChromek-Burckhart, D
dc.contributor.authorChu, MC
dc.contributor.authorChudoba, J
dc.contributor.authorChuinard, AJ
dc.contributor.authorChwastowski, JJ
dc.contributor.authorChytka, L
dc.contributor.authorCiftci, AK
dc.contributor.authorCinca, D
dc.contributor.authorCindro, V
dc.contributor.authorCioara, IA
dc.contributor.authorCiocca, C
dc.contributor.authorCiocio, A
dc.contributor.authorCirotto, F
dc.contributor.authorCitron, ZH
dc.contributor.authorCitterio, M
dc.contributor.authorCiubancan, M
dc.contributor.authorClark, A
dc.contributor.authorClark, BL
dc.contributor.authorClark, MR
dc.contributor.authorClark, PJ
dc.contributor.authorClarke, RN
dc.contributor.authorClement, C
dc.contributor.authorCoadou, Y
dc.contributor.authorCobal, M
dc.contributor.authorCoccaro, A
dc.contributor.authorCochran, J
dc.contributor.authorColasurdo, L
dc.contributor.authorCole, B
dc.contributor.authorColijn, AP
dc.contributor.authorCollot, J
dc.contributor.authorColombo, T
dc.contributor.authorMuino, PC
dc.contributor.authorConiavitis, E
dc.contributor.authorConnell, SH
dc.contributor.authorConnelly, IA
dc.contributor.authorConsorti, V
dc.contributor.authorConstantinescu, S
dc.contributor.authorConti, G
dc.contributor.authorConventi, F
dc.contributor.authorCooke, M
dc.contributor.authorCooper, BD
dc.contributor.authorCooper-Sarkar, AM
dc.contributor.authorCormier, F
dc.contributor.authorCormier, KJR
dc.contributor.authorCornelissen, T
dc.contributor.authorCorradi, M
dc.contributor.authorCorriveau, F
dc.contributor.authorCortes-Gonzalez, A
dc.contributor.authorCortiana, G
dc.contributor.authorCosta, G
dc.contributor.authorCosta, MJ
dc.contributor.authorCostanzo, D
dc.contributor.authorCottin, G
dc.contributor.authorCowan, G
dc.contributor.authorCox, BE
dc.contributor.authorCranmer, K
dc.contributor.authorCrawley, SJ
dc.contributor.authorCreager, RA
dc.contributor.authorCree, G
dc.contributor.authorCrepe-Renaudin, S
dc.contributor.authorCrescioli, F
dc.contributor.authorCribbs, WA
dc.contributor.authorOrtuzar, MC
dc.contributor.authorCristinziani, M
dc.contributor.authorCroft, V
dc.contributor.authorCrosetti, G
dc.contributor.authorCueto, A
dc.contributor.authorDonszelmann, TC
dc.contributor.authorCummings, J
dc.contributor.authorCuratolo, M
dc.contributor.authorCuth, J
dc.contributor.authorCzirr, H
dc.contributor.authorCzodrowski, P
dc.contributor.authorD'amen, G
dc.contributor.authorD'Auria, S
dc.contributor.authorD'Onofrio, M
dc.contributor.authorDa Cunha Sargedas De Sousaa, MJ
dc.contributor.authorDa Via, C
dc.contributor.authorDabrowski, W
dc.contributor.authorDado, T
dc.contributor.authorDai, T
dc.contributor.authorDale, O
dc.contributor.authorDallaire, F
dc.contributor.authorDallapiccola, C
dc.contributor.authorDam, M
dc.contributor.authorDandoy, JR
dc.contributor.authorDang, NP
dc.contributor.authorDaniells, AC
dc.contributor.authorDann, NS
dc.contributor.authorDanninger, M
dc.contributor.authorHoffmann, MD
dc.contributor.authorDao, V
dc.contributor.authorDarbo, G
dc.contributor.authorDarmora, S
dc.contributor.authorDassoulas, J
dc.contributor.authorDattagupta, A
dc.contributor.authorDaubney, T
dc.contributor.authorDavey, W
dc.contributor.authorDavid, C
dc.contributor.authorDavidek, T
dc.contributor.authorDavies, M
dc.contributor.authorDavison, P
dc.contributor.authorDawe, E
dc.contributor.authorDawson, I
dc.contributor.authorDe, K
dc.contributor.authorde Asmundis, R
dc.contributor.authorDe Benedetti, A
dc.contributor.authorDe Castro, S
dc.contributor.authorDe Cecco, S
dc.contributor.authorDe Groot, N
dc.contributor.authorde Jong, P
dc.contributor.authorDe la Torre, H
dc.contributor.authorDe Lorenzi, F
dc.contributor.authorDe Maria, A
dc.contributor.authorDe Pedis, D
dc.contributor.authorDe Salvo, A
dc.contributor.authorDe Sanctis, U
dc.contributor.authorDe Santo, A
dc.contributor.authorCorga, KDV
dc.contributor.authorDe Regie, JBDV
dc.contributor.authorDearnaley, WJ
dc.contributor.authorDebbe, R
dc.contributor.authorDebenedetti, C
dc.contributor.authorDedovich, DV
dc.contributor.authorDehghanian, N
dc.contributor.authorDeigaard, I
dc.contributor.authorDel Gaudio, M
dc.contributor.authorDel Peso, J
dc.contributor.authorDel Prete, T
dc.contributor.authorDelgove, D
dc.contributor.authorDeliot, F
dc.contributor.authorDelitzsch, CM
dc.contributor.authorDell'Acqua, A
dc.contributor.authorDell'Asta, L
dc.contributor.authorDell'Orso, M
dc.contributor.authorDella Pietra, M
dc.contributor.authordella Volpe, D
dc.contributor.authorDelmastro, M
dc.contributor.authorDelsart, PA
dc.contributor.authorDeMarco, DA
dc.contributor.authorDemers, S
dc.contributor.authorDemichev, M
dc.contributor.authorDemilly, A
dc.contributor.authorDenisov, SP
dc.contributor.authorDenysiuk, D
dc.contributor.authorDerendarz, D
dc.contributor.authorDerkaoui, JE
dc.contributor.authorDerue, F
dc.contributor.authorDervan, P
dc.contributor.authorDesch, K
dc.contributor.authorDeterre, C
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Dudder, A., Duffield, E., Duflot, L., Dührssen, M., Dumancic, M., Dumitriu, A., Duncan, A., Dunford, M., Duran Yildiz, H., Düren, M., Durglishvili, A., Duschinger, D., Dutta, B., Dyndal, M., Eckardt, C., Ecker, K., Edgar, R., Eifert, T., Eigen, G., Einsweiler, K., Ekelof, T., El Kacimi, M., Ellajosyula, V., Ellert, M., Elles, S., Ellinghaus, F., Elliot, A., Ellis, N., Elmsheuser, J., Elsing, M., Emeliyanov, D., Enari, Y., Endner, O., Ennis, J., Erdmann, J., Ereditato, A., Ernis, G., Ernst, M., Errede, S., Ertel, E., Escalier, M., Esch, H., Escobar, C., Esposito, B., Etienvre, A., Etzion, E., Evans, H., Ezhilov, A., Fabbri, F., Fabbri, L., Facini, G., Fakhrutdinov, R., Falciano, S., Falla, R., Faltova, J., Fang, Y., Fanti, M., Farbin, A., Farilla, A., Farina, C., Farina, E., Farooque, T., Farrell, S., Farrington, S., Farthouat, P., Fassi, F., Fassnacht, P., Fassouliotis, D., Faucci Giannelli, M., Favareto, A., Fawcett, W., Fayard, L., Fedin, O., Fedorko, W., Feigl, S., Feligioni, L., Feng, C., Feng, E., Feng, H., Fenyuk, A., Feremenga, L., Fernandez Martinez, P., Fernandez Perez, S., Ferrando, J., Ferrari, A., Ferrari, P., Ferrari, R., Ferreira de Lima, D., Ferrer, A., Ferrere, D., Ferretti, C., Fiedler, F., Filipčič, A., Filipuzzi, M., Filthaut, F., Fincke-Keeler, M., Finelli, K., Fiolhais, M., Fiorini, L., Fischer, A., Fischer, C., Fischer, J., Fisher, W., Flaschel, N., Fleck, I., Fleischmann, P., Fletcher, R., Flick, T., Flierl, B., Flores Castillo, L., Flowerdew, M., Forcolin, G., Formica, A., Forti, A., Foster, A., Fournier, D., Fox, H., Fracchia, S., Francavilla, P., Franchini, M., Francis, D., Franconi, L., Franklin, M., Frate, M., Fraternali, M., Freeborn, D., Fressard-Batraneanu, S., Freund, B., Froidevaux, D., Frost, J., Fukunaga, C., Fullana Torregrosa, E., Fusayasu, T., Fuster, J., Gabaldon, C., Gabizon, O., Gabrielli, A., Gabrielli, A., Gach, G., Gadatsch, S., Gadomski, S., Gagliardi, G., Gagnon, L., Gagnon, P., Galea, C., Galhardo, B., Gallas, E., Gallop, B., Gallus, P., Galster, G., Gan, K., Ganguly, S., Gao, J., Gao, Y., Gao, Y., Garay Walls, F., García, C., García Navarro, J., Garcia-Sciveres, M., Gardner, R., Garelli, N., Garonne, V., Gascon Bravo, A., Gasnikova, K., Gatti, C., Gaudiello, A., Gaudio, G., Gavrilenko, I., Gay, C., Gaycken, G., Gazis, E., Gee, C., Geisen, M., Geisler, M., Gellerstedt, K., Gemme, C., Genest, M., Geng, C., Gentile, S., Gentsos, C., George, S., Gerbaudo, D., Gershon, A., Ghasemi, S., Ghneimat, M., Giacobbe, B., Giagu, S., Giannetti, P., Gibson, S., Gignac, M., Gilchriese, M., Gillberg, D., Gilles, G., Gingrich, D., Giokaris, N., Giordani, M., Giorgi, F., Giraud, P., Giromini, P., Giugni, D., Giuli, F., Giuliani, C., Giulini, M., Gjelsten, B., Gkaitatzis, S., Gkialas, I., Gkougkousis, E., Gladilin, L., Glasman, C., Glatzer, J., Glaysher, P., Glazov, A., Goblirsch-Kolb, M., Godlewski, J., Goldfarb, S., Golling, T., Golubkov, D., Gomes, A., Gonçalo, R., Goncalves Gama, R., Goncalves Pinto Firmino Da Costa, J., Gonella, G., Gonella, L., Gongadze, A., González de la Hoz, S., Gonzalez-Sevilla, S., Goossens, L., Gorbounov, P., Gordon, H., Gorelov, I., Gorini, B., Gorini, E., Gorišek, A., Goshaw, A., Gössling, C., Gostkin, M., Goudet, C., Goujdami, D., Goussiou, A., Govender, N., Gozani, E., Graber, L., Grabowska-Bold, I., Gradin, P., Gramling, J., Gramstad, E., Grancagnolo, S., Gratchev, V., Gravila, P., Gray, H., Greenwood, Z., Grefe, C., Gregersen, K., Gregor, I., Grenier, P., Grevtsov, K., Griffiths, J., Grillo, A., Grimm, K., Grinstein, S., Gris, P., Grivaz, J., Groh, S., Gross, E., Grosse-Knetter, J., Grossi, G., Grout, Z., Guan, L., Guan, W., Guenther, J., Guescini, F., Guest, D., Gueta, O., Gui, B., Guido, E., Guillemin, T., Guindon, S., Gul, U., Gumpert, C., Guo, J., Guo, W., Guo, Y., Gupta, R., Gupta, S., Gustavino, G., Gutierrez, P., Gutierrez Ortiz, N., Gutschow, C., Guyot, C., Guzik, M., Gwenlan, C., Gwilliam, C., Haas, A., Haber, C., Hadavand, H., Hadef, A., Hageböck, S., Hagihara, M., Hakobyan, H., Haleem, M., Haley, J., Halladjian, G., Hallewell, G., Hamacher, K., Hamal, P., Hamano, K., Hamilton, A., Hamity, G., Hamnett, P., Han, L., Han, S., Hanagaki, K., Hanawa, K., Hance, M., Haney, B., Hanke, P., Hanna, R., Hansen, J., Hansen, J., Hansen, M., Hansen, P., Hara, K., Hard, A., Harenberg, T., Hariri, F., Harkusha, S., Harrington, R., Harrison, P., Hartmann, N., Hasegawa, M., Hasegawa, Y., Hasib, A., Hassani, S., Haug, S., Hauser, R., Hauswald, L., Havener, L., Havranek, M., Hawkes, C., Hawkings, R., Hayakawa, D., Hayden, D., Hays, C., Hays, J., Hayward, H., Haywood, S., Head, S., Heck, T., Hedberg, V., Heelan, L., Heidegger, K., Heim, S., Heim, T., Heinemann, B., Heinrich, J., Heinrich, L., Heinz, C., Hejbal, J., Helary, L., Held, A., Hellman, S., Helsens, C., Henderson, J., Henderson, R., Heng, Y., Henkelmann, S., Henriques Correia, A., Henrot-Versille, S., Herbert, G., Herde, H., Herget, V., Hernández Jiménez, Y., Herten, G., Hertenberger, R., Hervas, L., Herwig, T., Hesketh, G., Hessey, N., Hetherly, J., Higashino, S., Higón-Rodriguez, E., Hill, E., Hill, J., Hiller, K., Hillier, S., Hinchliffe, I., Hirose, M., Hirschbuehl, D., Hiti, B., Hladik, O., Hoad, X., Hobbs, J., Hod, N., Hodgkinson, M., Hodgson, P., Hoecker, A., Hoeferkamp, M., Hoenig, F., Hohn, D., Holmes, T., Homann, M., Honda, S., Honda, T., Hong, T., Hooberman, B., Hopkins, W., Horii, Y., Horton, A., Hostachy, J., Hou, S., Hoummada, A., Howarth, J., Hoya, J., Hrabovsky, M., Hristova, I., Hrivnac, J., Hryn'ova, T., Hrynevich, A., Hsu, P., Hsu, S., Hu, Q., Hu, S., Huang, Y., Hubacek, Z., Hubaut, F., Huegging, F., Huffman, T., Hughes, E., Hughes, G., Huhtinen, M., Huo, P., Huseynov, N., Huston, J., Huth, J., Iacobucci, G., Iakovidis, G., Ibragimov, I., Iconomidou-Fayard, L., Iengo, P., Igonkina, O., Iizawa, T., Ikegami, Y., Ikeno, M., Ilchenko, Y., Iliadis, D., Ilic, N., Introzzi, G., Ioannou, P., Iodice, M., Iordanidou, K., Ippolito, V., Ishijima, N., Ishino, M., Ishitsuka, M., Issever, C., Istin, S., Ito, F., Iturbe Ponce, J., Iuppa, R., Iwasaki, H., Izen, J., Izzo, V., Jabbar, S., Jackson, P., Jain, V., Jakobi, K., Jakobs, K., Jakobsen, S., Jakoubek, T., Jamin, D., Jana, D., Jansky, R., Janssen, J., Janus, M., Janus, P., Jarlskog, G., Javadov, N., Javůrek, T., Javurkova, M., Jeanneau, F., Jeanty, L., Jejelava, J., Jelinskas, A., Jenni, P., Jeske, C., Jézéquel, S., Ji, H., Jia, J., Jiang, H., Jiang, Y., Jiang, Z., Jiggins, S., Jimenez Pena, J., Jin, S., Jinaru, A., Jinnouchi, O., Jivan, H., Johansson, P., Johns, K., Johnson, C., Johnson, W., Jon-And, K., Jones, R., Jones, S., Jones, T., Jongmanns, J., Jorge, P., Jovicevic, J., Ju, X., Juste Rozas, A., Köhler, M., Kaczmarska, A., Kado, M., Kagan, H., Kagan, M., Kahn, S., Kaji, T., Kajomovitz, E., Kalderon, C., Kaluza, A., Kama, S., Kamenshchikov, A., Kanaya, N., Kaneti, S., Kanjir, L., Kantserov, V., Kanzaki, J., Kaplan, B., Kaplan, L., Kar, D., Karakostas, K., Karastathis, N., Kareem, M., Karentzos, E., Karpov, S., Karpova, Z., Karthik, K., Kartvelishvili, V., Karyukhin, A., Kasahara, K., Kashif, L., Kass, R., Kastanas, A., Kataoka, Y., Kato, C., Katre, A., Katzy, J., Kawade, K., Kawagoe, K., Kawamoto, T., Kawamura, G., Kay, E., Kazanin, V., Keeler, R., Kehoe, R., Keller, J., Kempster, J., Keoshkerian, H., Kepka, O., Kerševan, B., Kersten, S., Keyes, R., Khader, M., Khalil-zada, F., Khanov, A., Kharlamov, A., Kharlamova, T., Khodinov, A., Khoo, T., Khovanskiy, V., Khramov, E., Khubua, J., Kido, S., Kilby, C., Kim, H., Kim, S., Kim, Y., Kimura, N., Kind, O., King, B., Kirchmeier, D., Kirk, J., Kiryunin, A., Kishimoto, T., Kisielewska, D., Kiuchi, K., Kivernyk, O., Kladiva, E., Klapdor-Kleingrothaus, T., Klein, M., Klein, M., Klein, U., Kleinknecht, K., Klimek, P., Klimentov, A., Klingenberg, R., Klioutchnikova, T., Kluge, E., Kluit, P., Kluth, S., Knapik, J., Kneringer, E., Knoops, E., Knue, A., Kobayashi, A., Kobayashi, D., Kobayashi, T., Kobel, M., Kocian, M., Kodys, P., Koffas, T., Koffeman, E., Köhler, N., Koi, T., Kolb, M., Koletsou, I., Komar, A., Komori, Y., Kondo, T., Kondrashova, N., Köneke, K., König, A., Kono, T., Konoplich, R., Konstantinidis, N., Kopeliansky, R., Koperny, S., Kopp, A., Korcyl, K., Kordas, K., Korn, A., Korol, A., Korolkov, I., Korolkova, E., Kortner, O., Kortner, S., Kosek, T., Kostyukhin, V., Kotwal, A., Koulouris, A., Kourkoumeli-Charalampidi, A., Kourkoumelis, C., Kouskoura, V., Kowalewska, A., Kowalewski, R., Kowalski, T., Kozakai, C., Kozanecki, W., Kozhin, A., Kramarenko, V., Kramberger, G., Krasnopevtsev, D., Krasny, M., Krasznahorkay, A., Krauss, D., Kravchenko, A., Kremer, J., Kretz, M., Kretzschmar, J., Kreutzfeldt, K., Krieger, P., Krizka, K., Kroeninger, K., Kroha, H., Kroll, J., Kroseberg, J., Krstic, J., Kruchonak, U., Krüger, H., Krumnack, N., Kruse, M., Kruskal, M., Kubota, T., Kucuk, H., Kuday, S., Kuechler, J., Kuehn, S., Kugel, A., Kuger, F., Kuhl, T., Kukhtin, V., Kukla, R., Kulchitsky, Y., Kuleshov, S., Kulinich, Y., Kuna, M., Kunigo, T., Kupco, A., Kuprash, O., Kurashige, H., Kurchaninov, L., Kurochkin, Y., Kurth, M., Kus, V., Kuwertz, E., Kuze, M., Kvita, J., Kwan, T., Kyriazopoulos, D., La Rosa, A., La Rosa Navarro, J., La Rotonda, L., Lacasta, C., Lacava, F., Lacey, J., Lacker, H., Lacour, D., Ladygin, E., Lafaye, R., Laforge, B., Lagouri, T., Lai, S., Lammers, S., Lampl, W., Lançon, E., Landgraf, U., Landon, M., Lanfermann, M., Lang, V., Lange, J., Lankford, A., Lanni, F., Lantzsch, K., Lanza, A., Lapertosa, A., Laplace, S., Laporte, J., Lari, T., Lasagni Manghi, F., Lassnig, M., Laurelli, P., Lavrijsen, W., Law, A., Laycock, P., Lazovich, T., Lazzaroni, M., Le, B., Le Dortz, O., Le Guirriec, E., Le Quilleuc, E., LeBlanc, M., LeCompte, T., Ledroit-Guillon, F., Lee, C., Lee, S., Lee, L., Lefebvre, B., Lefebvre, G., Lefebvre, M., Legger, F., Leggett, C., Lehan, A., Lehmann Miotto, G., Lei, X., Leight, W., Leister, A., Leite, M., Leitner, R., Lellouch, D., Lemmer, B., Leney, K., Lenz, T., Lenzi, B., Leone, R., Leone, S., Leonidopoulos, C., Lerner, G., Leroy, C., Lesage, A., Lester, C., Levchenko, M., Levêque, J., Levin, D., Levinson, L., Levy, M., Lewis, D., Li, B., Li, C., Li, H., Li, L., Li, L., Li, Q., Li, S., Li, X., Li, Y., Liang, Z., Liberti, B., Liblong, A., Lie, K., Liebal, J., Liebig, W., Limosani, A., Lin, S., Lin, T., Lindquist, B., Lionti, A., Lipeles, E., Lipniacka, A., Lisovyi, M., Liss, T., Lister, A., Litke, A., Liu, B., Liu, H., Liu, H., Liu, J., Liu, J., Liu, K., Liu, L., Liu, M., Liu, Y., Liu, Y., Livan, M., Lleres, A., Llorente Merino, J., Lloyd, S., Lo, C., Lo Sterzo, F., Lobodzinska, E., Loch, P., Loebinger, F., Loew, K., Loginov, A., Lohse, T., Lohwasser, K., Lokajicek, M., Long, B., Long, J., Long, R., Longo, L., Looper, K., Lopez, J., Lopez Mateos, D., Lopez Paz, I., Lopez Solis, A., Lorenz, J., Lorenzo Martinez, N., Losada, M., Lösel, P., Lou, X., Lounis, A., Love, J., Love, P., Lu, H., Lu, N., Lu, Y., Lubatti, H., Luci, C., Lucotte, A., Luedtke, C., Luehring, F., Lukas, W., Luminari, L., Lundberg, O., Lund-Jensen, B., Luzi, P., Lynn, D., Lysak, R., Lytken, E., Lyubushkin, V., Ma, H., Ma, L., Ma, Y., Maccarrone, G., Macchiolo, A., Macdonald, C., Maček, B., Machado Miguens, J., Madaffari, D., Madar, R., Maddocks, H., Mader, W., Madsen, A., Maeda, J., Maeland, S., Maeno, T., Maevskiy, A., Magradze, E., Mahlstedt, J., Maiani, C., Maidantchik, C., Maier, A., Maier, T., Maio, A., Majewski, S., Makida, Y., Makovec, N., Malaescu, B., Malecki, P., Maleev, V., Malek, F., Mallik, U., Malon, D., Malone, C., Maltezos, S., Malyukov, S., Mamuzic, J., Mancini, G., Mandelli, L., Mandić, I., Maneira, J., Manhaes de Andrade Filho, L., Manjarres Ramos, J., Mann, A., Manousos, A., Mansoulie, B., Mansour, J., Mantifel, R., Mantoani, M., Manzoni, S., Mapelli, L., Marceca, G., March, L., Marchiori, G., Marcisovsky, M., Marjanovic, M., Marley, D., Marroquim, F., Marsden, S., Marshall, Z., Martensson, M., Marti-Garcia, S., Martin, C., Martin, T., Martin, V., Martin dit Latour, B., Martinez, M., Martinez Outschoorn, V., Martin-Haugh, S., Martoiu, V., Martyniuk, A., Marzin, A., Masetti, L., Mashimo, T., Mashinistov, R., Masik, J., Maslennikov, A., Massa, L., Mastrandrea, P., Mastroberardino, A., Masubuchi, T., Mättig, P., Maurer, J., Maxfield, S., Maximov, D., Mazini, R., Maznas, I., Mazza, S., Mc Fadden, N., Mc Goldrick, G., Mc Kee, S., McCarn, A., McCarthy, R., McCarthy, T., McClymont, L., McDonald, E., Mcfayden, J., Mchedlidze, G., McMahon, S., McNamara, P., McPherson, R., Meehan, S., Megy, T., Mehlhase, S., Mehta, A., Meideck, T., Meier, K., Meineck, C., Meirose, B., Melini, D., Mellado Garcia, B., Melo, M., Meloni, F., Menary, S., Meng, L., Meng, X., Mengarelli, A., Menke, S., Meoni, E., Mergelmeyer, S., Mermod, P., Merola, L., Meroni, C., Merritt, F., Messina, A., Metcalfe, J., Mete, A., Meyer, C., Meyer, J., Meyer, J., Meyer Zu Theenhausen, H., Miano, F., Middleton, R., Miglioranzi, S., Mijović, L., Mikenberg, G., Mikestikova, M., Mikuž, M., Milesi, M., Milic, A., Miller, D., Mills, C., Milov, A., Milstead, D., Minaenko, A., Minami, Y., Minashvili, I., Mincer, A., Mindur, B., Mineev, M., Minegishi, Y., Ming, Y., Mir, L., Mistry, K., Mitani, T., Mitrevski, J., Mitsou, V., Miucci, A., Miyagawa, P., Mizukami, A., Mjörnmark, J., Mlynarikova, M., Moa, T., Mochizuki, K., Mogg, P., Mohapatra, S., Molander, S., Moles-Valls, R., Monden, R., Mondragon, M., Mönig, K., Monk, J., Monnier, E., Montalbano, A., Montejo Berlingen, J., Monticelli, F., Monzani, S., Moore, R., Morange, N., Moreno, D., Moreno Llácer, M., Morettini, P., Morgenstern, S., Mori, D., Mori, T., Morii, M., Morinaga, M., Morisbak, V., Morley, A., Mornacchi, G., Morris, J., Morvaj, L., Moschovakos, P., Mosidze, M., Moss, H., Moss, J., Motohashi, K., Mount, R., Mountricha, E., Moyse, E., Muanza, S., Mudd, R., Mueller, F., Mueller, J., Mueller, R., Muenstermann, D., Mullen, P., Mullier, G., Munoz Sanchez, F., Murray, W., Musheghyan, H., Muškinja, M., Myagkov, A., Myska, M., Nachman, B., Nackenhorst, O., Nagai, K., Nagai, R., Nagano, K., Nagasaka, Y., Nagata, K., Nagel, M., Nagy, E., Nairz, A., Nakahama, Y., Nakamura, K., Nakamura, T., Nakano, I., Naranjo Garcia, R., Narayan, R., Narrias Villar, D., Naryshkin, I., Naumann, T., Navarro, G., Nayyar, R., Neal, H., Nechaeva, P., Neep, T., Negri, A., Negrini, M., Nektarijevic, S., Nellist, C., Nelson, A., Nemecek, S., Nemethy, P., Nepomuceno, A., Nessi, M., Neubauer, M., Neumann, M., Neves, R., Nevski, P., Newman, P., Ng, T., Nguyen Manh, T., Nickerson, R., Nicolaidou, R., Nielsen, J., Nikolaenko, V., Nikolic-Audit, I., Nikolopoulos, K., Nilsen, J., Nilsson, P., Ninomiya, Y., Nisati, A., Nishu, N., Nisius, R., Nobe, T., Noguchi, Y., Nomachi, M., Nomidis, I., Nomura, M., Nooney, T., Nordberg, M., Norjoharuddeen, N., Novgorodova, O., Nowak, S., Nozaki, M., Nozka, L., Ntekas, K., Nurse, E., Nuti, F., O'Neil, D., O'Rourke, A., O'Shea, V., Oakham, F., Oberlack, H., Obermann, T., Ocariz, J., Ochi, A., Ochoa, I., Ochoa-Ricoux, J., Oda, S., Odaka, S., Ogren, H., Oh, A., Oh, S., Ohm, C., Ohman, H., Oide, H., Okawa, H., Okumura, Y., Okuyama, T., Olariu, A., Oleiro Seabra, L., Olivares Pino, S., Oliveira Damazio, D., Olszewski, A., Olszowska, J., Onofre, A., Onogi, K., Onyisi, P., Oreglia, M., Oren, Y., Orestano, D., Orlando, N., Orr, R., Osculati, B., Ospanov, R., Otero y Garzon, G., Otono, H., Ouchrif, M., Ould-Saada, F., Ouraou, A., Oussoren, K., Ouyang, Q., Owen, M., Owen, R., Ozcan, V., Ozturk, N., Pachal, K., Pacheco Pages, A., Pacheco Rodriguez, L., Padilla Aranda, C., Pagan Griso, S., Paganini, M., Paige, F., Pais, P., Palacino, G., Palazzo, S., Palestini, S., Palka, M., Pallin, D., St. Panagiotopoulou, E., Panagoulias, I., Pandini, C., Panduro Vazquez, J., Pani, P., Panitkin, S., Pantea, D., Paolozzi, L., Papadopoulou, T., Papageorgiou, K., Paramonov, A., Paredes Hernandez, D., Parker, A., Parker, M., Parker, K., Parodi, F., Parsons, J., Parzefall, U., Pascuzzi, V., Pasner, J., Pasqualucci, E., Passaggio, S., Pastore, F., Pataraia, S., Pater, J., Pauly, T., Pearce, J., Pearson, B., Pedersen, L., Pedraza Lopez, S., Pedro, R., Peleganchuk, S., Penc, O., Peng, C., Peng, H., Penwell, J., Peralva, B., Perego, M., Perepelitsa, D., Perini, L., Pernegger, H., Perrella, S., Peschke, R., Peshekhonov, V., Peters, K., Peters, R., Petersen, B., Petersen, T., Petit, E., Petridis, A., Petridou, C., Petroff, P., Petrolo, E., Petrov, M., Petrucci, F., Pettersson, N., Peyaud, A., Pezoa, R., Phillips, P., Piacquadio, G., Pianori, E., Picazio, A., Piccaro, E., Pickering, M., Piegaia, R., Pilcher, J., Pilkington, A., Pin, A., Pinamonti, M., Pinfold, J., Pirumov, H., Pitt, M., Plazak, L., Pleier, M., Pleskot, V., Plotnikova, E., Pluth, D., Podberezko, P., Poettgen, R., Poggioli, L., Pohl, D., Polesello, G., Poley, A., Policicchio, A., Polifka, R., Polini, A., Pollard, C., Polychronakos, V., Pommès, K., Pontecorvo, L., Pope, B., Popeneciu, G., Poppleton, A., Pospisil, S., Potamianos, K., Potrap, I., Potter, C., Poulard, G., Poveda, J., Pozo Astigarraga, M., Pralavorio, P., Pranko, A., Prell, S., Price, D., Price, L., Primavera, M., Prince, S., Prokofiev, K., Prokoshin, F., Protopopescu, S., Proudfoot, J., Przybycien, M., Puddu, D., Puri, A., Puzo, P., Qian, J., Qin, G., Qin, Y., Quadt, A., Queitsch-Maitland, M., Quilty, D., Raddum, S., Radeka, V., Radescu, V., Radhakrishnan, S., Radloff, P., Rados, P., Ragusa, F., Rahal, G., Raine, J., Rajagopalan, S., Rangel-Smith, C., Ratti, M., Rauch, D., Rauscher, F., Rave, S., Ravenscroft, T., Ravinovich, I., Raymond, M., Read, A., Readioff, N., Reale, M., Rebuzzi, D., Redelbach, A., Redlinger, G., Reece, R., Reed, R., Reeves, K., Rehnisch, L., Reichert, J., Reiss, A., Rembser, C., Ren, H., Rescigno, M., Resconi, S., Resseguie, E., Rettie, S., Reynolds, E., Rezanova, O., Reznicek, P., Rezvani, R., Richter, R., Richter, S., Richter-Was, E., Ricken, O., Ridel, M., Rieck, P., Riegel, C., Rieger, J., 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Y., Wyatt, T., Wynne, B., Xella, S., Xi, Z., Xia, L., Xu, D., Xu, L., Yabsley, B., Yacoob, S., Yamaguchi, D., Yamaguchi, Y., Yamamoto, A., Yamamoto, S., Yamanaka, T., Yamauchi, K., Yamazaki, Y., Yan, Z., Yang, H., Yang, H., Yang, Y., Yang, Z., Yao, W., Yap, Y., Yasu, Y., Yatsenko, E., Yau Wong, K., Ye, J., Ye, S., Yeletskikh, I., Yildirim, E., Yorita, K., Yoshihara, K., Young, C., Young, C., Youssef, S., Yu, D., Yu, J., Yu, J., Yuan, L., Yuen, S., Yusuff, I., Zabinski, B., Zacharis, G., Zaidan, R., Zaitsev, A., Zakharchuk, N., Zalieckas, J., Zaman, A., Zambito, S., Zanzi, D., Zeitnitz, C., Zeman, M., Zemla, A., Zeng, J., Zeng, Q., Zenin, O., Ženiš, T., Zerwas, D., Zhang, D., Zhang, F., Zhang, G., Zhang, H., Zhang, J., Zhang, L., Zhang, L., Zhang, M., Zhang, R., Zhang, R., Zhang, X., Zhang, Y., Zhang, Z., Zhao, X., Zhao, Y., Zhao, Z., Zhemchugov, A., Zhong, J., Zhou, B., Zhou, C., Zhou, L., Zhou, M., Zhou, M., Zhou, N., Zhu, C., Zhu, H., Zhu, J., Zhu, Y., Zhuang, X., Zhukov, K., Zibell, A., Zieminska, D., Zimine, N., Zimmermann, C., Zimmermann, S., Zinonos, Z., Zinser, M., Ziolkowski, M., Živković, L., Zobernig, G., Zoccoli, A., Zou, R., zur Nedden, M. and Zwalinski, L. (2017). Measurement of jet p T correlations in Pb + Pb and pp collisions at s NN = 2.76   TeV with the ATLAS detector. [online] Physics Letters B. Available at: [Accessed 11 Jan. 2018].
dc.description.abstractMeasurements of dijet pT correlations in Pb+Pb and pp collisions at a nucleon–nucleon centre-of-mass energy of sNN=2.76TeV are presented. The measurements are performed with the ATLAS detector at the Large Hadron Collider using Pb+Pb and pp data samples corresponding to integrated luminosities of 0.14nb−1 and 4.0pb−1, respectively. Jets are reconstructed using the anti-kt algorithm with radius parameter values R=0.3 and R=0.4. A background subtraction procedure is applied to correct the jets for the large underlying event present in Pb+Pb collisions. The leading and sub-leading jet transverse momenta are denoted pT1 and pT2. An unfolding procedure is applied to the two-dimensional (pT1,pT2) distributions to account for experimental effects in the measurement of both jets. Distributions of (1/N)dN/dxJ, where xJ=pT2/pT1, are presented as a function of pT1 and collision centrality. The distributions are found to be similar in peripheral Pb+Pb collisions and pp collisions, but highly modified in central Pb+Pb collisions. Similar features are present in both the R=0.3 and R=0.4 results, indicating that the effects of the underlying event are properly accounted for in the measurement. The results are qualitatively consistent with expectations from partonic energy loss models.
dc.format.extent379 - 402
dc.relation.ispartofPHYSICS LETTERS B
dc.titleMeasurement of jet p(T) correlations in Pb+Pb and pp collisions at root s(NN)=2.76 TeV with the ATLAS detector
dc.typeJournal Article
dc.rights.holder© 2017 The Author. Published by Elsevier B.V.
pubs.organisational-group/Queen Mary University of London
pubs.organisational-group/Queen Mary University of London/Faculty of Science & Engineering
pubs.organisational-group/Queen Mary University of London/Faculty of Science & Engineering/Physics and Astronomy

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