Recent Submissions

  • A Novel Kinetic Method to Measure Apparent Solubility Product of Bulk Human Enamel. 

    Hassanali, L; Wong, FS; Lynch, RJM; Anderson, P (Frontiers Media SA, 2017-09-21)
    Introduction: Tooth enamel mineral loss is influenced by its solubility product value, which is fundamental to the understanding of de- and remineralization resulting from a carious or erosive challenge. Published pKsp ...
  • Periodontitis is associated with significant hepatic fibrosis in patients with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. 

    Alazawi, W; Bernabe, E; Tai, D; Janicki, T; Kemos, P; Samsuddin, S; Syn, W-K; Gillam, D; Turner, W (Public Library of Science, 2017-12-08)
    BACKGROUND AND AIMS: Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) has a bidirectional association with metabolic syndrome. It affects up to 30% of the general population, 70% of individuals with diabetes and 90% with obesity. ...
  • Use of Probiotics and Oral Health. 

    Allaker, RP; Stephen, AS (Springer International Publishing, 2017-10-19)
    Purpose of Review: The purpose of this study is to critically assess recent studies concerning the use of probiotics to control periodontal diseases, dental caries and halitosis (oral malodour). Recent Findings: Clinical ...
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