Recent Submissions

  • Degradation pattern of a porcine collagen membrane in an in vivo model of guided bone regeneration 

    CALCIOLARI, E; Ravanetti, F; strange, A; MARDAS, N; bozec, L; cacchioli, A; kostomitsopoulos, N; DONOS, N (Wiley, 2018-02-15)
    Background and Objective Although collagen membranes have been clinically applied for guided tissue/bone regeneration for more than 30 years, their in vivo degradation pattern has never been fully clarified. A better ...
  • Circulating NK cells and their subsets in Behçet's disease 

    Hasan, MS; Ryan, PL; Bergmeier, LA; Fortune, F (John Wiley & Sons Ltd, 2017-02-07)
    Behçet's disease (BD) is an autoinflammatory, chronic relapsing/remitting disease of unknown aetiology with both innate and acquired immune cells implicated in disease pathogenesis. Peripheral blood natural killer (NK) ...
  • Comparison of efficacy of dental varnish containing fluoride either with CPPACPor bioglass on root caries: Ex vivo study 

    Sleibi, A; TAPPUNI, A; DAVIS, G; ANDERSON, P; BAYSAN, A (Elsevier, 2018-04-16)
    OBJECTIVES: To compare the efficacy of fluoride varnishes either casein phosphopeptide-amorphous calcium phosphate (CPP-ACP) or bioglass particles on the severity index of root caries. METHODS: Visual-tactile assessments ...
  • Genetic dysbiosis: How host genetic variants may affect microbial biofilms 

    Nibali, L (Wiley, 2016-08-08)
    © 2016 by John Wiley & Sons, Inc. All rights reserved. A sensible hypothesis is that host genetic variants affect not only the individual ability to respond to microbial challenges, thus predisposing to the onset of acute ...
  • Dentition 

    LIVERSIDGE, HM (Academic Press, 2016-09-13)
    This chapter contains sections on terminology, a description of the mature tooth, description of tooth types, general chronology of tooth development, early development of the teeth, mineralization, accuracy of dental age ...
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