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dc.contributor.authorKartsaklis, Den_US
dc.description.abstract© D. Kartsaklis. An open problem with categorical compositional distributional semantics is the representation of words that are considered semantically vacuous from a distributional perspective, such as determiners, prepositions, relative pronouns or coordinators. This paper deals with the topic of coordination between identical syntactic types, which accounts for the majority of coordination cases in language. By exploiting the compact closed structure of the underlying category and Frobenius operators canonically induced over the fixed basis of finite-dimensional vector spaces, we provide a morphism as representation of a coordinator tensor, and we show how it lifts from atomic types to compound types. Linguistic intuitions are provided, and the importance of the Frobenius operators as an addition to the compact closed setting with regard to language is discussed.en_US
dc.format.extent29 - 38en_US
dc.rightsThis work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution License.
dc.titleCoordination in categorical compositional distributional semanticsen_US
dc.typeConference Proceeding
dc.rights.holder© D. Kartsaklis
pubs.notesNot knownen_US

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