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dc.description.abstract© Springer International Publishing AG 2016. Regression testing is applied after modifications are performed to large software systems in order to verify that the changes made do not unintentionally disrupt other existing components. When employing regression testing it is often desirable to reduce the number of test cases executed in order to achieve a certain objective; a process known as test suite minimisation. We use multi-objective optimisation to analyse the trade-off between code coverage and execution time for the test suite of Mockito, a popular framework used to create mock objects for unit tests in Java. We show that a large reduction can be made in terms of execution time at the expense of only a small reduction in code coverage and discuss how the described methods can be easily applied to many projects that utilise regression testing.en_US
dc.format.extent244 - 249en_US
dc.titleMulti-objective regression test suite minimisation for mockitoen_US
dc.typeConference Proceeding
dc.rights.holder© Springer International Publishing AG
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pubs.volume9962 LNCSen_US
qmul.funderDAASE: Dynamic Adaptive Automated Software Engineering::Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Councilen_US

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