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  • Governing the World? 

    Harman, S; Williams, D (Routledge, 2013-05-24)
    The book explores the processes, practice and politics of global governance by taking a broad look at issues of human rights governance and focusing on detailed aspects of a topic such as torture and rendition to help ...
  • Political Economy: An Overview 

    JONES, L (Routledge, 2016-12-08)
    This chapter provides a basic overview of Myanmar’s political economy, to help contextualise the rest of this section. It explains the failure of ‘socialist’ development in Myanmar (1947-1988) due to structural problems ...
  • Legislator dissent as a valence signal 

    COWLEY, PJ (Cambridge University Press (CUP): HSS Journals, 2016-06-24)
    Existing research suggests that voters tend to respond positively to legislator independence due to two types of mechanism. First, dissent has an indirect effect, increasing a legislator’s media coverage and personal ...
  • The ‘politicisation’ of Englishness – towards a framework for political analysis 

    KENNY, MH (Wiley Blackwell, 2016-08)
    The constitutional position of England has become the subject of intense focus following the decision by the Conservative Party to table the question of English devolution in the immediate aftermath of the Scottish Referendum. ...
  • Contamination, Deception and “Othering”:Media Framing of the Horsemeat Scandal 

    IBRAHIM, Y (Taylor & Francis (Routledge): SSH Titles, 2016-07-14)
    Food and consumption practices are cultural symbols of communities, nations, identity and a collective imaginary which bind people in complex ways. The media framed the 2013 horsemeat scandal by fusing discourses beyond ...
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