Recent Submissions

  • Studying Maximum Information Leakage Using Karush-Kuhn-Tucker Conditions 

    Chen, H; Malacaria, P (arXiv, 2009-10)
    When studying the information leakage in programs or protocols, a natural question arises: "what is the worst case scenario?". This problem of identifying the maximal leakage can be seen as a channel capacity problem in ...
  • Algebraic Foundations for Information Theoretical, Probabilistic and Guessability measures of Information Flow 

    Malacaria, P (arXiv, 2011-01)
    Several mathematical ideas have been investigated for Quantitative Information Flow. Information theory, probability, guessability are the main ideas in most proposals. They aim to quantify how much information is leaked, ...
  • Full abstraction for PCF 

    Abramsky, S; Jagadeesan, R; Malacaria, P (Elsevier, 2000-12)
    An intensional model for the programming language PCF is described in which the types of PCF are interpreted by games and the terms by certain history-free strategies. This model is shown to capture definability in PCF. ...
  • MorpheuS: Automatic music generation with recurrent pattern constraints and tension profiles 

    Herremans, Dorien (2016-07-21)
    Generating music with long-term structure is one of the main challenges in the field of automatic composition. This article describes MorpheuS, a music generation system. MorpheuS uses state-of-the-art pattern detection ...
  • Dance Hit Song Prediction 

    Herremans, D; Martens, D; Sörensen, K (Taylor & Francis (Routledge), 2014-07-03)
    Record companies invest billions of dollars in new talent around the globe each year. Gaining insight into what actually makes a hit song would provide tremendous benefits for the music industry. In this research we tackle ...
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