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You do not need to register for a separate QMRO account to make submissions.

To upload content to the repository, Queen Mary researchers need a profile in PubLists, and Queen Mary IT Services credentials. Don't have a PubLists profile? Not sure what to do? Contact the Scholarly Communications team in the Library and we will be happy to help. Alternatively, there is useful information on QMRO, PubLists, Copyright and the Open Access Initiative in the Research area of the Queen Mary Library Services website.



Communities in QMRO

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Barts Cancer Institute [12]
Blizard Institute [53]
Institute of Dentistry [14]
Institute of Health Sciences Education [0]
Library [11]
Queen Mary, University of London [2322]
School of Biological and Chemical Sciences [95]
School of Business and Management [8]
School of Economics and Finance [0]
School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science [250]
School of Engineering and Materials Science [9]
School of English and Drama [32]
School of Geography [2]
School of History [45]
School of Languages, Linguistics and Film [7]
School of Law [25]
School of Mathematical Sciences [8]
School of Physics and Astronomy [67]
School of Politics & International Relations [22]
William Harvey Research Institute [17]
Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine [85]


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